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So I was tagged by @ChelseaJay and @BelencitaGarcia and decided that I would go ahead and do it since I have the time to right now (and I probably won't remember it later anyway).
Anywho this challenge created by @katiems was super hard for me because I couldn't just narrow it down to just 3 but with a lot of distractions and strolling down memory lane with all of the songs I listen to the most I have arrived to this list.
These song are numbered by their importance to me and will be going in the ascending order of 3-1.
1: pick up to 3 Kpop songs you feel a real connection with & just feel the song speaks to you!
2: Share your story!! why you think the song makes you feel that way & what you love about it or what it did for you!
3: tag me and anyone else you want to!

러버 Primary, Oh Hyuk Rubber

I listened to this song as if it were life. I don't really have a back story for it. My I just felt this song with my whole entire soul. As soon as the song came out, I bought it and played it Every. Single. Day. *I mean this is currently my one of my most played songs right now*.
I couldn't understand it with my head
But now I know why my friends kept telling me to stop
if you're gonna play this dating game alone, just go and do it alone

*Wherever we go we chat and laugh

But you're never been satisfied with me no more

Wherever I go we're trying to flow

But no convo I know we don't get along*


한번만 더 & 변명 Once More & Excuses

These two songs go hand in hand for me. I had literally just broken up with my boyfriend the year before so when G. Soul came out with his debut album Coming Home it was my anthem (on the low) for like three months until I was really over the relationship.
I listened to Once More quite a bit because well I wanted to start the relationship over again because like a normal girl in love I was in denial about the end of the relationship and why we broke up. But once I got over the initial shock I started playing Excuses a lot more because well....the lyrics explain it perfectly. He was getting tired of trying to make excuses for himself and broke up with me in the most undeserving and punk way he could possibly think of.

Beenzino Boogie On & On

Beenzino Boogie On & On is hands down one of my favorite Beenzino songs as well as a first love. This was the first ever song I ever listened to from Beenzino and I loved it deeply from first listen.
I literally had my iPod on repeat even while I slept and would play it while it charged. I lived this song to the fullest. It was the only song I listened to for a full year and half .
But the back story to this song is that I heard it while I was at a very depressing stage of my life. I am a very impressionable person very much like a child. I absorbed what everyone liked about me and didn't and found myself trying to fit into everyone's standards but my own. So when I stumbled across this song via YouTube recommendation I fell in love with it. And even though I couldn't understand what the lyrics were I understood exactly what he meant. I felt the lyrics with my soul and my entire being. And when I found out what the lyrics I was even more sure that this song was meant for me.

Call You Mine by Jeff Bernat

......and the Joo Young version that I love oh so much
I mean I didn't want to not add this song because this song made me feel so loved and important even though I couldn't find a boyfriend (cuz just having your friends and family isn't enough sometimes).
I shall tag all of you lovelies ^^


Had to add this last minute reason it's just my top favorite Big Bang song and gives me the most feels next to 'If You'
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