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This lovely card is for my close friend and fellow mod squad member @Helixx :) So let's start, shall we Ravi? Ah I see you've prepared a list of things we should show her. Good idea, good idea. So smart! What's the first thing on the list?
Ah yes, wet Ravi. Good choice. So nice to look at *fans self* (I also see a Leo back there in the first gif. I see you babe, so handsome.. So.. Okay sorry Ravi. Back to you) What's next Raveeehhh?
Okay, okay we're coming! OH of course! We have to show her how adorable you are! Ah just so adorable Ravi. Look at you, so cute. How can anyone not love you? Okay Ravi what do we show her next??
Of course how could I be so stupid, we have to show all the sexy! Ravi you genius! So sexy! Okay Ravi you can stop now... Ravi please... Aish... *hides in sweater*
Well Ravi, that was fun! I think we did good, Good job! I hope your lady likes this:) I had so much fun making this for yoouu!! Ravi and I love you @Helixx :) *blows kisses*
I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! His birthday party looks like it was a lot of fun... I'm sure my invite just got lost in the mail. And does anyone else think Ravi looks just a little bit like Ryan Gosling in the first gif of the second set? Ah, he's so sexy!!! He should really wear leather pants all the time. THANK YOU SO MUCH @JiyongLeo!!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME. *squee* I literally fanned myself with my hand when I saw the sexy blue-haired gif. *sigh*
I love Ravi SO MUCH!!! Thank you for making this card. Seeing his Sweet, Gorgeous face makes me smile on my saddest days. 😊
Loved it.... 😍😍😍
what a great card I loved it also. SOOOO sexy 😍😍
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