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I'm not sure if this is totally hilarious or a little messed up. I'm mostly leaning towards hilarious.
This guy has clearly put a lot of effort into his Tinder profile, but not in the way most of us do.
Rather than posting the usual stuff – you know, a few photos of him and his buddies, the standard shirtless-on-a-beach and look-at-this-fish-I-just-caught photos – Jarrod Allen is taking a different route.
A VERY different route.
The Australian Tinderfella screenshots girls' photos and recreates them, sometimes with the help of friends.
He sometimes goes to extreme lengths, like pouring gallons of milk over his head.
My concern is like, these women never really meant to share their pictures all over the internet. Now some of them are going viral without ever having meant to.
It's hilarious, sure, but is it a violation of privacy?
What do you think, clever or kind of jerky?

Does this guy seem like dating material?

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This is a dude I can hang with 😂
Oh my god I love the pasta one. 😂😂
bit of both
he'd be a great wingman lol