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There's a small demographic of people out there who ABSOLUTELY love bears holding chainsaws being swung around on a rope and cutting up unsuspecting dancing pixel-humans. I swear, trust me. Look it up [don't look it up, it's not real]. There's something about this game that gives me the biggest kind of chuckle.
It could be the weird dancing or maybe it's just the character design but it's probably the whole idea of the game, itself. I mean, entering a weird cage with a bear on a rope being flung around is probably the most ridiculous thing I've seen in a video game and that makes me realize that I absolutely love video games.
Why? Because this is a clear example of how video games can bring you anything. Literally anything you want. It's like someone woke up from a weird drunken night out in the City and thought, "HEY YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE GREAT BEARS AND SHARP OBJECTS. But not real bears and sharp objects, obviously. I mean fake ones. But still."
I don't know if I'd ever buy this game or play it myself. But it's fun to watch happen in front of me because it doesn't stop making me laugh. It's so absurd that it might be brilliant.
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Oh my god this looks terrifying T_T