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Saints Row Undercover was originally supposed to be a Saints Row 2 port for the PSP. Eventually the game got too big for its ported britches and became a game of its own. And then finally, it got cancelled because who (besides me, anyway) plays PSP.
But last night something amazing happened. Something amazing/beautiful that is. Volition (the developers behind the Saints Row series) released their cancelled unfinished game, for free. While it's a little weird to want to play an unfinished game it's always cool to see what could have been (especially when titles you wanted to play got cancelled).
Above is a screenshot of Saints Row Undercover that I found on the ol' Web-Based Image Search Program (made by Droid Corp). Yeah, it looks a little blocky and weird but it was a handheld game, right? We can forgive it on that. The coolest thing about Undercover and this news isn't the fact that it's a Saints Row game on PSP, but how Volition decided to release it to the public.
It's kind of cool that they're willing to share something they couldn't complete (and probably won't) to their fans just to give them a taste of how they work on games. If you're interested in getting Undercover yourself, it seems there's a bit of a process in order to get it working on your Vita or PSP.
You'll need some kind of emulator and the .iso file for Undercover. And then some kind of other thing I'm too dense to understand... You know what, if you're really interested in trying it out, you can just click here and figure it out without me getting all the wires crossed.
@SAMURXAI I haven't find a good one for my vita either ..but the one I used for my psp was cfw 6.60 pro B10 which was the highest at the time..I''ll message you on your vita if I find something that runs good
I am not so technical. I have a vita, so where and or how would I get an emulator on it?
danm I gave my psp away and I haven't crack my vita yet