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RULES: 1: Pick up to 3 Kpop songs you feel a real connection with & just feel the song speaks to you! 2: Share your story!! why you think the song makes you feel that way & what you love about it or what it did for you! 3: tag me and anyone else you want to! 3.IU-23 I definitely like it right now No no actually I wanna just quit Oh I know, I wanna be in love Nah I just wanna make money Guess Which side am I on? You can’t figure it out by just looking at my face All I’m doing is making a different face from how I really feel It’s really simple Which side am I on? Actually, I don’t even know OK so this song is pretty fun, but if you really pay attention to the lyrics you will get how at 23 the artist doesn't know what she really wants. Even though I'm not 23 I get this song completely. Sometimes I feel and act someway and the other time I'm completely different, which is ok. When I saw the translation I thought "this is perfect" I'm totally not alone on this feeling though...many teenagers feel this way and so it speaks to me.
2.AKMU-Melted If the ice melts, a warmer song would have come out But why is the ice so cold? Why is it so cold? Why are they so cold Why are they so cold The blue ocean that the red sun used to wash its face I look at the past warmth that is deeply buried (too late get it out) I wish the cold in the world of adults would be gone too I wish the frozen love will met away right now. I think this song explains itself really clearly.The video made my heart cry. The fact that the world has turned to ice, and even if it melts it would still be cold says a lot. Ever since this song came out I've been listening to it. I even know it by memory now...and don't even need the song to sing along.JIJIJI. I like it that much.
Standing egg -The light whispers It feels like I’ve been left alone in an endless maze Like I’ve lost my way among these surrounding walls Which path should I take? Where did I go wrong? Just when I want to give up and fall, the light whispers *Whisper, whisper.. follow me Whisper, whisper.. just a bit further Whisper, whisper.. I think I see it now Whisper, whisper.. the light was inside of me This song encourages me to keep pushing, keep going. When I want to give up on something I just listen to this soothing song. I look for the light hidden deep inside and find it. This songs are really cool and I hope you like them. If they help me in someway I know it will help someone too. By the way I've been listening to standing egg this last few days, I don't know anything about the artist at all but it's really good. I'm not sure if it's someone especially because it has many songs with different voices ? idk but I'll look it up later . I was tagged by @ChelseaJay and Hi @Katiems Be the suga to the kookie ! -Belen If you guys haven't done the challenge please do so! I'm super interested on what you guys have to share I love you . @mjenifferjm9 @ladygdragon @QueenLele @sarahdarwish @NydiaEdwards @VeronicaArtino @TesneemElAlami @tayunnie @LaynicornLay @JasminMartinez @anyaheart @AmberRelynn @christianliu @CreeTheOtaku @GDvsGF @KellyOConnor @KaitlynEspinoza @AshleyAndino @KeylaMoreno @JessicaEvaristo @Lizzeh @megancurrent9 @KhouYang @dancer1248MN @ZionPerezFlower @PizzaPanda19 @BrandyBell16 @KaitlynHewitt @VKookie7 @Starbell808 @AlisonYui @DestineeLiu @SehunsQueen @EmilySavage @KpopQueenaBee @herravanessa9 @andreaimnida @JaxomB @Exoexo @JessicaFigueroa @ClaireT @FannyWard @mcblue9864 @Yongsongmi @sphelpswiley @baileykayleen @OliviaZenger @Roxy1903 @stevieq @MarinaKarina @SarahVanDorn @drummergirl691 @applecake452 @DekaraMiller@MsLoyalHeart @Tigerlily84 @marisamusic @MarciMartinez @DeyaniraEstrada @LenaBlackRose @11erinmims @LizaNightshade @LunaCordero @caterrell11 @CloverShadows @luna1171 @CCHI0692 @PrerrieeEmm @Katherina2078 @Byeoli @Allyson3333 @elizabeth1234 @JohnEvans @KaeliShearer @AmberRelynn @YeseniaF @terenailyn @Emealia @jjrockstar @panouvang123 @VictoriaRose217 @DawanaMason @EmillyPeacock @IGot7Forever @MischiefK1ng @themrshongki @SHINeeIngGirl @nnatelieg @AnnnaArai @Alexoxoxxxo @sutcheks3 @kirene1999 @MiaPorras @LiliRamos @ZinZin123 @MalihaAhmed @KaikaiKpop @ParkKyungSoon @Exolover5Irishl @BlueMoon201 @ExoandVixxtrash @MariaDls @DanaAmoi @KendraReeve @HuonTreeRoo @KatiePrihodiko @kerikaihun @JasmineWilliams @kyky97 @MelinaHernadez @DulceOjeda@Moose1998 @russelroche47 @Bridgetjara @DestinaByrd @btsgotshinee @otakukpopgirl @raenel @NydiaEdwards @clstap1 @externallyeli @bangtanella @UnnieCakesAlli @DesireeChucklez @Baekyeol27 @michellewong776 @maddiedo @QueenLele @jazbasquez22 @michie6436 @terenailyn @lashonda0917 @SkylarGray @TaehyungV @CristinBarnes @VictoriaRose217 @YessicaCardenas @nanaresendiz @blasianqueen @LaurenStrayhorn @DejaunaeSiders @annevictoriaa @AlisonYui @KendraReeve @MaeganHickerson @mrsdarkmiracle @ShailaZaman @leejaehwanken @ChloeofOoo @emilyanpham14 @jumbled2 @TatianaRose @kcastaneda170 @BrookeStam @SusiBosshammer @GilMarista @JazminQuiroz @DeathsAngel @awkwardjazzy @JennieKarlsson @CaitlynStonne @Dabaesplayer @DaisyPhun@GraceWatson @EmpressKi @TiffanyBibian @bbyitskatie @ElisabethGraceG @screamoparadise @jojojordy2324 @Xiuyeolhyun @mirandazamira @chelaurenh @marelis22 @NinaKuduzovic @Sisicup @Megano @XiuminBaozi @Taisa @tutyfruty @KaiOppa @ErinMccarey @kookie49044 @Alysworld @Jessicalista @SindyHernadez @katiec900 @ArCrow @DanaMichelle @jaijai @Xaynn @nykechun @MahelySandoval @musicmofo @HerosBells @kraft226 @YvonJerzak @JeonJungkook17 @cutegirl34 @NikkiJumba @JenniCinneman @KutieKiKi @VatcheeAfandi99 @ShailaZaman @KaiTakashima @CristinBarnes @woahdersierra @tiffany1922 @DesireeChucklez @reyestiny93 @preeta @Jinnyrod3 @KendraReeve @SehunsQueen @KeenaStarz @SofiaFifi @VKookie47 @GreciaFlores @AshleyAndino@KaylinJones @ArCrow @priscy513 @ot12exodus02 @chelaurenh @MelissaGarza @Elaynethetrumpet @lashonda0917 @orchiofriend549 @DanaMichelle @orchiofriend549@sherrysahar@CrookedShadow@terenailyn
Melted is such a deep song and the mv is so sad. I love how AkMu emotes in such simple but poetic ways. A song by them is making it on my list whenever I do this tag lol.
1. EXO- El Dorado This song is constant motivation as I want to "prove those who believed in me right" and to find my El Dorado. 2. Amber- Beautiful Makes me remember that I am beautiful 3. BTS- Butterfly I have yet to really look at the lyrics but there is something about it that is really calming and make me want to fly away
oh nice! I can also relate in similar ways~ these songs are awesome too!