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Yes, life hurts. But then again...

Don't get me wrong. I do not mean to disrespect anyone's troubles and concerns. Nor I mean to pretend that my life is without any rough corners. In fact, when I left work the other day on my way to the railway station, my mind was full of thoughts about all kind of things that were bothering me lately. The sun was setting down, making the jet stream clouds scattered sky look like a somewhat psychedelic fresco. I found myself stopping every once in a while, taking pictures of this bizarre urban scene and feeling that my smartphone camera is not doing justice with its beauty. And then, just about when I took the picture that you can see at the top of this card it hit me. Why can I even think that? How is it that I can appreciate this scene as beautiful? It wasn't the first time I've wondered about all kind of things, related to consciousness and how come that it exists at all, but this time was different. It was not some philosophical understanding. It was something else. Life is complex. No matter how you look at it, there is no escape from this fact. If you think your life is more complex than that of others, it's just because you don't live their life but yours. So yes, some of us have better lives than others, but if you think about it, it's just a matter of luck. It doesn't make the life of the more fortunate ones less complex. The more you have, the more you stand to loose. I arrived to the railway station. A pianist and a guitar player were playing Billy Holiday. And again it hit me. I can tell you all about sound waves and how and why they harmonize into chords, I can write you an article about Billie Holiday and why she was so important to jazz music, but that will never capture the simple meaning of "A pianist and a guitar player play Billie Holiday".
I went up to the platform. The twilight light made everything look like a drawing. Now I felt as if someone was throwing little pebbles on my strongest convictions. Not large enough to shatter anything, just a gentle disruption, but one that sent a very clear message: "Think again, how come you can appreciate all that?"
A train came in, on the adjacent track. The psychedelic sky reflected from its windows. And again the pebbles started ticking. Suddenly I knew the answer. So don't get me wrong. I don't mean to disrespect any kind of trouble or misery. There are many things in this world that could use some fixing. Maybe even lots of fixing. But when we want all the bad stuff to go away, aren't we are asking for a life, so simplified that it can't contain any beauty? What if everybody could feel at ease with some discomfort? I mean, isn't it crazy that we seek a life so comfortable and predictable, many times on the expense of others, and then we suffer because we can't appreciate any of it? So yes, life hurts. Life is complex and sometimes it looks like we can't make it trough. But then again, it is out of this complexity that our ability to appreciate life emerges. Isn't that the one true miracle? all the proof we ever need? What if we could all just settle for that?
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The Real Reason for Supernatural Concepts
Remember back in 2013 when Kpop went into full supernatural concept mode? From EXO's Wolf, VIXX's On & On, Boyfriend's Bounce, etc, etc... there were vampires, aliens, werewolves galore. Nowadays in 2016, though, we're seeing a rise to realism. BTS dealing with drugs (I Need U) or Monsta X dealing with totalitarianism (All In) But, why? "Zombies are the perfect metaphor." (source) Basically, using the supernatural has always been a way of talking about real life issues, without actually bringing them up. For example, in Harry Potter House Elves would represent slaves, the discrimination and fear of werewolves represented how ridiculous racism is, etc. Fiction allows us to talk about important issues in a sly way. For example, VIXX's Hyde portrayed them as vampire-like, living in a spooky house and dark forest, growing black wings and almost being taken over by a monster. At its core, this is a song about dangerous relationships. A partner who is emotionally unstable, but charming. Hurting you but begging to have you back. This can be a metaphor for abusive relationships of all kinds. They repeat over and over that "that man isn't me, there is a crazy 'other me' inside of me." Just as abusers usually do after a moment of violent anger. Hiding this message behind the mask of "monsters" and "dark angels" makes it easier to consume and talk about. But take away the supernatural and its a serious issue they bring up. Another great example is Monster by Big Bang. They dress up as literal monsters, but talk about how just because they are different and not fitting into the society's mold they aren't bad people. It's an anthem for misfits, and a message to society to stop being so cruel. So why are we shedding the costumes now? Why are things suddenly more...real? We're done hiding. The problems can no longer stay hidden, we need to talk about them. No more using vampires and ghosts as metaphors, the general public is more comfortable discussing issues like depression, drugs, mental health, discrimination, etc. The move to realism means that we're being realistic about the problems - we're addressing them head on. That being said, there is nothing wrong with supernatural concepts being used to talk about issues! Often people can't understand something in its original form. For example, maybe someone doesn't see the need for LGBTQ+ rights. Give them a love story with a couple that is forced apart, never to be together (perhaps a vampire and a human??) because society says its unnatural. If while reading the story or watching the movie, that person feels upset about this poor couple torn apart by society, maybe they will see the correlation between their belief that gay marriage is wrong. Basically, I think that the constant changing of concept trends is fascinating and it means much more than we think!
Creaite Review
In this Creaite review, we are here to help you understand about the product plus the best usage combination from Joshua Zamora's application. As you know, we are using a type of content, article generation software so the best combination should be for the question, where will we use these content. The best answer should be the content auto publisher tool or content curation tool. Of all the tool online, we find out Content Burger should be the best fit to utilize our content from Creaite of Joshua. 1.Creaite Review - Use it First Before you start, at first, you need to choose the article type, it can be a standard article or it can be a Question-Answer article or can be a Freestyle article. Now, choose your own article niche. It depends on the license you purchase, the amount of niches, categories you can generate will be different. And after choosing the core niche, then, it's time for you to register the sub-niche. One niche may include around 6-7 sub-niches and the amount is even bigger with your upgrade purchases. It's always important to choose the main language and the amount of articles to generate simultaneously. And one thing to keep in mind, one article equals one credit. I think this is the technique that Joshua is always doing to charge you over time. And also keep in mind that you are not required to provide any API Key, such as key to break, bypass captcha, change proxies, etc. Now, we already have ready to go and ready to share article. I see people would prefer buying the upgrades so that they have tons of article variation at the same time. For sure, you are permitted to edit the article with your own writing style before you publish and export it. It has features to import articles directly into your Wordpress site. And you can even rebrand the plugin so that people don't know you are using Creaite (for those who are running content marketing agencies, seo agencies, article marketing agencies) 2.Creaite Review - Use with Content Burger This is a content curator. As you can see, we have the content editor. So, you may paste your entire content produced by Creaite directly into this editor. After that, you insert some images, gif and the quote into that content. https://dailyjobkiller.com/creaite-review/
MV Analysis/Theory: BTS and Nietzsche
"One must still have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star." - Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None, by Friedrich Nietzsche. (wiki on the book here) 1. For Whom You Shine The book begins with the quote: "You great star, what would your happiness be had you not those for whom you shine?" This clearly plays into the song lyrics, that they are nothing without the person they love. They offer their blood, sweat and tears to them, without this person to shine for, they are empty. 2. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Nietzsche's writing often refers to the idea of eternal recurrence. This is the idea that all events in one's life will happen again and again, infinitely. "The embrace of all of life's horrors and pleasures alike shows a deference and acceptance of fate, or Amor Fati. The love and acceptance of one's path in life is a defining characteristic of the overman*. *Overman - Nietzsche thinks that it is important for every generation to overcome their humanity. To be better than it, to push forward and grow and defy the boundaries set by the mere fact that we're human. Someone who creates something new is an overman. Is Jin repeating his actions over and over again but changing it slightly each time? Are we witnessing the butterfly effect? (For example we see Jungkook on the bike again, the lilies from I Need U, etc) Will the most beautiful moment in life go on forever, and is it turning into a nightmare?