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Everyone has been there. Everyone. No matter how perfect their life seems, or how many cute photos they post with their brand new boyfriend.

Rejection, confusion, not knowing whether you're being funny or stupid... these agonies of the dating life don't really get any less painful as you get older. You just get better (in some cases, way, way better) at dealing with them.
If you've been stung, trust me, I've been there, my friend. Here are some of the worst feelings in the dating world (and why they're not so bad after all):

Waiting for the person you like to text you back.

No one can deny that the world would be a much better place if everyone always each other texted back immediately. Because then I wouldn't have to check what I wrote a zillion times to see if 1) it actually sent properly 2) there weren't any typos 3) it wasn't so incredibly stupid that it made my crush never want to speak to me again.

Being unsure if he/she likes you or not. -__-

You know that thing when, one day, you're CONVINCED he likes you, and then the next day, you're pretty sure he'll never, ever text you again? Yeah. Mixed signals are the literal WORST.

Not hearing from them after you thought the date was fantastic...

I had a great time, he said he said a great time, we both had a great time. So why hasn't he answered my texts?!?

Getting broken up with... when you weren't even dating.

I totally get that you don't want to hang out anymore. The thing I don't get is how you're breaking up with me... when we weren't actually even dating?
The world is a crazy place, people.

Knowing someone likes you when you really, really don't like them... (-_-);;

Seriously, is there any greater stress than this? Once it happens to you, you can kind of start to understand why that dude you were crushing on never texted you back... it's just hard to tell someone you don't feel the same way. (But screw him, he totally should have told you anyway. Being led on is the worst.)

Seeing your ex with a cute stranger.

Because there's no way your overactive brain will consider for a single second that they might just be friends. THEY'RE TOTALLY HOOKING UP AND IT'S THE WORST THING THAT'S EVER HAPPENED.

Hearing about your ex getting some. UGH.

And there's your confirmation. WHYYY GOD WHYYYYYY.
I'm not sure there's any worse feeling in the dating world than hearing your ex is seeing someone new (even if you're the one that broke up with them).

Knowing that your ex exists in the world (hey, exes are tough).

Yeah... there's really no way around it. It's difficult to have a positive relationship with an ex. I don't really understand how people do it.

Getting jealous of people for no reason. (;_; )

Did I say no reason? I meant there totally is a reason. When your boyfriend says something nice about that girl he used to go to high school with who is actually super pretty and makes you feel totally insecure... yeah, it's kinda hard not to be randomly jealous.
Even though he could care less about her and wants to be with you. Still. Jealousy is a bitch.

Breaking the heart of someone you care about... and regretting it later.

Ever find yourself thinking, "I know we weren't right for each other, but... now I really, really miss him,"? Yeah. That sucks.

And finally, getting stood up. *pulls a CeeLo Green* FORGET YOUUUUUU-HOO HOO HOO!

Is there anything that makes you feel LESS like a worthy, lovable human being? Yeah, no.
Lol @ebethoven I think you're fine either way with the friend requests, but if you have doubts that it's a good idea, i'd say don't accept. They might get mad, but hey! it's your life. And if your exes make you angry, you probably don't want to be fbook friends with them hahaha
I'm sorry to hear that @alcgroseac :(
I totally understamd this...... after a wonderful night he hasent text me.....
Never too many gifs @allobaber, keep 'em coming!! #laughingwhilecrying
too funny 馃槃
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