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I saw the card @katiems made for this and I thought it was such a great idea! So i'm doin it!!
1: Pick up to 3 Kpop songs you feel a real connection with & just feel the song speaks to you
2: Share your story! Why you think the song makes you feel that way & what you love about it or what it did for you!
3: Tag me ( @katiems ) and anyone else you want to!
Beautiful Liar by VIXX....
This song just speaks to me on a deep level.. I think it's because I've had to let go of so many people I've cared about because I couldn't tell them the truth about the way I felt, they never stuck around if they knew I was lying about my feelings and so I had to let many people go that I didn't ever want to let go. This song just speaks to me because of that because I understand it in a way I guess. This is a very important song to me.
Crooked by G-Dragon.
This song connects to me because I've been left by some people as well, they promised they'd stay but in the end I was always alone.. I listen to this often when I'm crying or just thinking everything is my fault and it reminds me that I didn't change.. They did. When he sung this song live.. It was like he knew I needed to hear it that day. It will always be a song that means the world to me.
Words To Say by VIXX's Leo.
I can't explain to you why I have such a deep connection with this song... I never thought I could actually love and adore Leo more and then I heard this.. And I already felt a connection to him and now its so much stronger.
Beautiful liar is a song that I too can relate too. Ever since it was nominated in the MAMA awards I can't seem to forget it
As always, luring me further down the VIXX rabbit hole. These are great song choices. I can definitely relate. Just remember you are not alone my dear, you've got us! #SquadLove
looove Beautiful Liar & Crooked! I totally relate in the same with them too! <3 People come & go in our lives, just gotta stay strong & remember the people that truly matter are the ones that really stay by us~