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BOYFRIEND shows up first!
Ayeee wassup homies
Ask why the Christmas Tree is still up
Eats all the food Why Taehyung why?
Gets drunk. I could see that
-Flicks them on the head- YAH PAY ATTENTION even you Bingu T.O.P I love youuu
Hides the wine.
Their kingu was inside out
Suggest Karaoke
Wins Karaoke. He broke the Karaoke machine.
Clogs the toilet Dang Ri got some big turds.
Dongwoo spends most of the time in the Bathtub...Can I join?
Finds the panic room
Is afraid of the dark. He can see in the dark bc he is like a light he is so bright it will never be dark where he is.
Loud enough to get the police
Spokesperson when the police arrive
Falls asleep first. The big crap wore you out didnt it?
Snuggles with me all night ❤ -Cough- we didnt just cuddle -cough-
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