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You know when you're scrolling through your feed, and you see a certain photo – and all of a sudden you get that twinge?

That weird little twinge of jealousy, or anger, or self-doubt... we've all been there. Some people are just not healthy additions to your life, whether it's that coworker who's forever on tropical vacations, or that ex-classmate who seems to have life allllll figured out (F her).
I read a really cool Man Repeller article that inspired me to clean up my act a little on social media this year. There are plenty of people I follow on social media that I shouldn't – exes, their new flames, people I despise, etc.
One reason I love Vingle is that – woohoo! – I don't have to see any of those people on here!! :D But in the meantime, until Vingle takes over the world, while you're still dealing with those other networks – let me give you a few key people you should cut out of your newsfeed.
Trust me, this is advice you should DEFINITELY take.

1. Your Ex(es)

What are you gaining by keeping tabs on your exes? Usually only negative emotions, even if you're the one who broke things off. Things like guilt, fear that they'll find someone else, pain when they do, insecurity over who they flirt with or get with next... yeah, no. That's not healthy. Unfollow. (Or even block.)
And if you're addicted to guiltily checking the social media accounts of the person who broke your heart, CUT THAT ISH OUT RIGHT NOW because you are doing yourself no favors. UNFOLLOW THAT TRAIN WRECK AND FIND SOMEONE WAY CUTER TO OBSESS OVER.

2. Your Ex's New Flame

Comparison is the thief of joy. Nobody needs the stress of worrying, "Am I prettier than her? Am I sexier than her? Am I more successful than her?" Forget that petty stuff. You're above it.
And you're way more valuable than you'll ever know (that is, if you keep focusing on measuring your self-worth based on how you stack up against someone else). It's another unhealthy obsession. UNFOLLOW.

3. Anyone With An Annoying Baby/Pet

You roll your eyes every time they post yet ANOTHER picture of their adorable baby/pet. Let me ask you a question: why are you still following them, anyway!? GET 'EM OUTTA THERE. UNFOLLOW.

4. The "Life's A Beach" Girl

Seriously, does this lady have a JOB?!? How is she somehow perpetually jet setting from beach to beach? When it's not a tropical island, it's a European principality. I swear, if I see one more photo of you tanned and smiling in some exotic locale...
Wait a minute. There's a solution to all this unproductive emotion. UNFOLLOWWWW.

5. The Jealousy-Inducing Foodie

HOW ARE YOU ALWAYS EATING SUSHI?! Seriously, the hunger pangs I get from this account... are nowhere near the pangs of jealousy that you have enough money to perpetually eat out. I'm slaving over the stove and producing a slightly-burnt casserole at best. Bye Felicia. #UNFOLLOWED

6. The Compulsive Selfie Poster

I like your face. I really do. But not nearly as much as YOU like your face, apparently. Yes, I'm a little jealous of how cute you look... and yes, I'm judging you hardcore for feeling the need to post a selfie literally EVERY TIME you go to the gym. Am I petty? No... you're just UNFOLLOWED.

7. Anyone Who Makes You Feel Small

Bottom line, anyone who you follow on social media who makes you feel like a lesser version of yourself should be unfollowed ASAP.
If their posts make you feel like a loser, or like you're not pretty enough, or not successful enough, or not wealthy enough or popular enough or well-traveled enough... then following them isn't adding anything to your life but negativity.

Ditch the self-doubt, forgo the insecurity, and hit that "Unfollow" button. You'll thank yourself later.

Who else will you be unfollowing? Anyone to add to the list?
lol This made me laugh because it's me. (Except I'm probably WAY worse) My social media is usually like Fort Knox. You ain't getting in. :P But it's honestly nothing personal. I just don't want to keep track of things I have no reason too. lol
I'm the pet person...
So much yes to anyone that makes you feel small! I unfollow anyone that also just makes me feel sad. haha ESPECIALLY exes. it's just healthy for a while.
@AlloBaber than that's good <3
The woman in #4 is actually the owner of the swimwear company for the bathing suits she's wearing. . Soo her pictures are her job. .
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