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There's a lot of us out there, mostly women but men too, that have been sexually harassed... anywhere.
And I don't know about you but I'm sick of being told how I should feel about it or that it's a compliment when I personally don't think it is. Story Time: So at work I often have men ask my coworker if I'm single and of course he tells them No. I am a married woman, and usually that's the end. However there's a certain department that the men notify everyone when I walk in and it's frankly really uncomfortable. I have to enter that part of the building at least once a week if not more to do my job. I stand by the women there and try to only say hello to the men who genuinely just wish to say hello to me. There has been one though that has told me quite often that my face is pretty. I've never led him on or given him special treatment. I treat him like anyone else, so this last week he asked me out... and I said no... very definitely no. Later I was asked if I told him I was married... So I said..."Why should I have to use my relationship status to say no?"... I'm unsure if he will ask me again or continue but if No isn't enough taking it to HR will be... because I shouldn't have to say or do anything else.
With a lot of opinions on the matter it's easy to b made to feel guilty... its easy to blame yourself as the victim. So if this happens to you or someone else, stick up for yourself or them if they need you. No is all anyone should have to say.
@MaighdlinS I agree with @shannonl5 It's a basic right to not be harassed
Absolutely. HR is the right solution if you still feel this way... And of course you can always vent to us when you need support :) @MaighdlinS
@AlloBaber <3 Thanks I'm just going to keep on going and hope that things don't escalate
Wow that's just disgusting... I think people must not understand how terrible it is to be made to feel uncomfortable like that, because if they did, I like to think they wouldn't do it... bottom line, as the two above said, you deserve to feel safe and completely at ease in your workplace. And you absolutely shouldn't have to use your relationship status as an excuse!! No should be enough for these people. I'm so sorry friend... hang in there. You're awesome. <3
@shannonl5 it almost concerns me more for the women who work in that same room every day. I mean it must have been hard or is still hard for them.
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