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Been tagged by lots of people! So you pick 3 songs that you have a strong connection with and that really resonates with you. I personally find this difficult. I have songs I really like but that doesn't mean I'm emotionally connected with it...anyway.

B.A.P - Warrior

The lyrics to this are great; but honestly, the sound of their voices and the sound of the song really gets me inspired. It's encouraging. It makes me want to keep going and not give up; to be a warrior.

BTS - School of Tears

I was bullied in school. Probably obvious if I have a strong connection with this song. But because I was bullied, I bullied others and it makes me realize that many times I was in the wrong; even if it wasn't as wrong as how I was treated it was still not right.

UNIQ - Luv Again

The first time I watched this I thought it was totally adorable fluff. But when you read the lyrics it hits you if you've ever been in a relationship like that. I'm currently in a rough patch with my long time boyfriend and we are really trying to "fall in love again" and most of what they say is exactly what is happening. It really sucks but this song spoke to me. You wouldn't guess it by how happy it sounds but right now it's something I can relate with in a really sad way.
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@Ercurrent For sure. You're never too old to look for an adult when you need help; just look for one older than you lol
@MorganElisabeth @Ercurrent Thanks guys. I really hope it works out too. Damn I hate adulting.
ahhhh damnnnn!!!!!!! verryyy difficult... but I like.
@MadAndrea Haha wise words. That's going to be me when I'm older. I always have questions xD xD
@MadAndrea same...it's the worst. Haha I'm still looking for adults who adult better than I do.
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