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Care to venture a Valentine's Day done differently? Or maybe you're just V-curious. Then follow me into a V-Day Wonderland...
1. V-Day breakfast might seem like a great idea the night before but pre-brunch plans hurt sleep-ins. It's true. In Australia, we're lucky that V-Day falls on a Sunday this year (I just looked it up). To love yourself is to stay in bed longer than you can on a work day. If you're a couple and have kids at home a) e.g. get the grandparents to take the kids the night before and keep them for the day or b) Haven't got sitters on hand? This is the perfect opportunity for whoever's forgotten it's V-Day to keep the kids out of the bedroom and let your Valentine sleep in (cost-free). This will also get you laid later.
2. Spend a day at the beach (after you sleep in). Get a hot stone massage. Get your partner one. Get a couples one. It doesn't matter which one it is. Play with a kitten. Obviously this applies to puppies and other furry pets. These are just 3 (and not limited to) suggestions to spend the day in a loving way. Put your One Horn, One Love thinking cap on.
3. Have a party with your mates. Or throw a party as a couple and have the combined total of your friends over. You'll be surprised how many people are keen to get out of traditional V-Day obligations. There are no rules for throwing a V-Day party. If this photo doesn't move you to action in some way, you may need to check your pulse. So have a heart. And have the tasteless group wedding you've never dreamed of. Go on.
4. I've attached an additional ideas chart in case you get stuck for ideas. Speaking of, let's talk superglue. Get crafty on the day. Make that thing you've been wanting to make since you pinned that do-it-yourself card 6 months ago. Be your own valentine and indulge. OR get the materials for this beforehand and, over a shared bottle of bubbly (or 2), make each other e.g. a travel size dream catcher or a good luck totem to carry when travelling (or whenever/home or away) to remind each other of the good luck, protection & sweet dreams you wish them always. Naaawwwwww. However, this isn't partner limited. Oh no no no. You could do this with a friend/group of your friends, with your family. Get crafty over a champagne brunch, high tea, BBQ dinner, doesn't matter. Love comes in many shapes and sizes. As does ways to celebrate. Share the love, peeps, if you feel inclined. OR alternatively, lay out some Sharpies & puff paints (glitter optional), tell your friends to come over and bring either a shirt, a sun hat, a book bag (yes, we're re-trending & yes even if you only use a Kindle), canvas sneakers, underwear (must-be-new stipulation), cotton Pyjamas etc. Failing any of those, a scrap of material will do (lol), just whatever they're happy to have unique artwork all over, and turn each other's item into personalised to the extreme V-Day memorabilia. You can dictate whether it's to be pro or anti V-Day additions I guess (or try to) or let individuals add what they like. We all know who our friends are. Lol.
Well that's My Little V-Day contribution. Signing off with 'You can't keep a good love down!' ;-) Love & light to all every day. xxoo @InPlainSight @BeannachtOreibh @nicolejb @ChriSingularis @ButterflyBlu @Arellano1052 @alywoah @AkashBhojraj @jordanhamilton @MichelleHolly @caricakes @marshalledgar @VeronicaArtino @TessStevens @shannonl5 @NerukaWong @humairaa @buddyesd @TerrecaRiley @danidee @BluBear07 @thePinkPrincess @EasternShell @seouls @matildajgarrett @RobertMarsh @1FallenAngel @alyssastano @Adrienpie @RaquelArredondo @Luci546 @BivianaaChavez @Lushisushi @Danse @DeepakAswal @luna1171 @JPBenedetto @deefran @RogueLeigh @myguardian @Gacrus @MissB82 @Lizzeh @Kyokeo @Emealia @paulisadroid @ShinigamiSan @CurrySoop @baileykayleen @DestinaByrd @ChelseaAustin @xojuliettexox @netchtiBates @aabxo @KellyOConnor @Kamiamon @parktaemi @arnelli @NickySerban @visions2020 @JimTurpen @PrinceCampbell @2Distracted @Dynamo @VKookie47 @medley24 @ZackMcLaughlin @MoisEsGaray @KeziahWright @pppfittu13 @washmydishes @eoin8899 @amobigbang @LAVONYORK @orenshani7 @Alletaire @funnella @DamariusKelley @MariPili @InspirationalMe @Beeplzzz @SamratGolhar @MajahnNelson @hikaymm @AnimeLove300 @SeoInHan @TensaZangetsu98 @carmaa10 @cindystran @AshelyJewell @MaighdlinS @JamiMilsap @xDaisyDaysx @IMDEEPINIT @LisaMarissa @Emmeronsage @LemarDeco @Ash1998 @LessThanThree @TracyLynnn @KaiTakashima @saraortiz2002 @Zxenna @MelissaMae @atmi @Helixx @VanessaSimmons @JessicaChaney @mArshadKhan @MarvelTrashcan @MarkoKaRiambo @VarunNambiar OMG @AlloBaber!! I forgot the Queen of Hearts! So Sorry. I got the cut & paste rollcall from your card & didn't even think your name would be missing from it. xo
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@shannonl5 hmm what were you thinking lol you been hanging around us too long, starting to pick up bad habits 馃槅馃槅馃槅
@buddyesd lol I was full of bad habits long before I met Vingle XD
@shannonl5 my kinda woman lol馃樇馃樇
@buddyesd yay :D :D :D
@shannonl5 馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帄馃帄馃帄馃巿馃巿馃巿馃巿