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Hello fellow kpop vinglers! so @prettieemm came up with this game and it's fairly amazing! So if u wanna play go check out here page, if u wanna see my results keep on scrollin!
The lovely charismatic rapper of Beast Junhyung I got
1) my favorite 3 pictures of him I MEAN LOOM AT HIM! freakin adorable! ughhhhh
2) Favorite thing about him Well first off great rapper has a vision of what he wants, second his dorky behavior, 3 his instagram post to other sns post about his dog hyung-nim is just pure stinkin cute
3) Do I know him? Thee answer is *drum roll*....Yes! I mean come on I don't csll myself a b2ty for a reason haha I've known them since shock era, and loved him even more in his drama Monstar
im glad you liked my game!! you got an awesome rapper/actor 😉
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his my ub in beast haha
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@GossamoKewen95 that's great then.. to get your UB its like your phone can read your heart
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like the screen shot knows ur heart haha best feeling ever
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