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I was tagged by @MadAndrea. So imma tell u about three songs I connected with kpop edition
The first one is 'My turn to cry' when I first heard I instantly fell in love with it, I was and still am kinda bullied and I feel like crying but this song makes me feel that I have someone to take my burden from time to time.
G-Dragon's COUP D'ETAT why well it's because like GD this song is about overcoming the unthinkable and struggles and to me it's the same way slowly I'm overcoming personal obstacles that made it difficult to continue but I learn and that's why I connected with this song.
Amber Liu 'Beautiful' I feel connected with this song because like Amber I believe that the only beautiful that people know is the mainstream one and people pass up actually beautiful people for shallow ones. And everyone is beautiful in there own way and before this song I never found myself beautiful but thanks to bae Amber I feel beautiful.
this is ME!! yeah !!! IDK why I put that but enjoy lol.