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Well guys things have been crazy at my place so its been hard for me to actually write the first chapter of this story. I have decided that I would use this first card to give everyone a sneak peek as to what was going to happen in this story and to introduce that characters that are going to be involved that aren't those of the Big Bang group. So what I am going to do is start off with the female lead as I did name her as I didn't want to constantly want to type out (y/n) all the time because I will mostly be posting this story from my phone.

Aria Salvatore Age: 22 (American) 24 (Korean)

Aria is the main character along with her two best friends. Aria is the kind of girl who is kind and soft spoken, but when angered she is a whole other story. She is the type of girl that some people find hard getting close to. She is the one who most people avoid because they are afraid of how she will react to them. Her best friends are some of the only people who can calm her down.
Aria comes from a broken home where her step father abuses both her and her mother. They both have no idea how to escape from the situation that they are in.

Natalia Liamson Age: 21 (American) 23 (Korean)

Natalia is a very excitable young woman who takes most things as a joke. There are few times that she is actually serious at all, but when she is serious it is very obvious. Most people don't know how to act around Natalia because of how she acts at times. The only people that can calm her down at all is her two best friends. She is the one that most people think is the face of the group and at times, she is. Most of the time she is the one who speaks first and thinks later.
Natalia is the daughter of a big shot CEO who works as a fashion consultant for some of the major Hollywood actors. He is the one that most people go to for fashion advice and it has rubbed off on his daughter.

Branden Grey Age: 23 (American) 25 (Korean)

Branden is the most calm of his small group of friends. He is the most mature out of the three but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have his childish moments. Actually out of the three, he is the one who acts the most childish at times. He had to grow up quickly and become the man of the house from a young age so at times he can be a bit off putting. A lot of people find that he is hard to get along with and most feel that he should relax more and be more loose about himself.

The Contest

It was a dance competition that Aria and her two friends entered. Out of the group only one was chosen to be the one to get the prize. Aria, the one who won, now has the chance to, with two other people, go to Korea to meet up with Big Bang and meet them one on one. Aria, the winner, is using this time to get away from her step father. She hopes that in this time that her mother will leave him. For the next three months Aria, Natalia and Branden will live with Big Bang in their dorm and learn from them. Things never go right for Aria though, and things will happen here that will change her.

Sneak Peek: Chapters 1 & 2

Chapter 1

Natalia stared at her best friend as the brunette opened the letter with shaky hands. Her green eyes opened widely as she turned to the blonde sitting next to her and squealed excitedly. She threw the letter at the blonde before throwing herself at their male best friend who caught her with ease, despite his slim frame. Natalia lowered her eyes to the letter before an excited shout escaped her.
"We're going to Korea!" Natalia screamed.

Chapter 2

Aria found herself staring one Jiyong in the eye as she covered herself with the towel that had been provided to her. The two were frozen in place as the brunette female stared at the brunette male, her green eyes wide in horror. Jiyong's dark brown, almost black in the light eyes, traced over the female in front of him, frowning as he took notice of a few silvery scars that littered her form. A scream erupted from the girl finally as she found her voice making many sets of feet run to the bathroom.
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