I was tagged by @MadAndrea to pick three songs that I feel the most connection to...here I go! (Warning: this will be very sad, depressing, and deep)
1. Someday by U-Kiss Okay. This song has the saddest, most important meaning to me. At the time I first came to find k-pop, through U-Kiss, I was in a pit of darkness and depression. I even had...other thoughts at times. My brother had died, I had a lot of turmoils, and the worst; my, well what I thought to be my best friend, turned on me. She even told one of my other friends that she wished I would die. From my 8th grade year, even up to 10th grade, she has made my life close to a living hell. When we'd fight, I would feel so empty side; I felt like there was no happiness left to feel. However, I made it through; through this very song. When I'd have a fight I sang this song and cried. This song has been my oxygen for when I feel like there's no air left.
2. A-Yo by SHINee This song means the world to me. It is my favorite song by my favorite band, and it means so much. I have always tried to find a k-pop song, or really just any song, with this sort of meaning. Even Someday, which means so much, doesn't compare. Anytime I'm feeling hopeless or sad, I listen to this song and sing along. Especially when I watch the live version of it, and I see their beautiful smiles and their loving expressions, it SHINes a light into my hurting heart.
3. School of Tears by BTS I literally just heard this song for the first time, yet it's on here, nevertheless. Going along with number one, I understand so well. Every since 4th grade, I've had many times where school was my biggest enemy. Before I was even a teenager, I was used by who I had thought was my best friend; she used me for school work. And going to what I mentioned during number one, that one really fits with this song. Especially since the people who have hurt and torn me apart the most were the people closest to me, I perfectly relate and connect to this song. (I was close to tears whilst reading the lyrics ...it's too beautiful)
Phew, I wasn't lying when I said I was going to get depressing. Anyways, I'll get to tagging! @anyaheart @ArmyofKookie @poojas @BtsIsLife @kpopandkimchi
@MadAndrea Haha same with me, lol!!!
@AlyssaGelet818 I try to be nice ^_^ especially when I see people going through a hard time. I hate to see it, and can't help but throw in my encouraging 2 cents. I swear I'm everybody's cheerleader. I like to see people be happy; most people deserve it. And if they don't then they can get bent cause I'm not cheering for douches lol
@AlyssaGelet818 And I'm really sorry about your troubles as well. It feels terrible to be alienated, I know. I was practically ousted by own friend.
@MadAndrea I have kpop to keep me strong now, but thank you for this ^^ Since 2015 to now, I have greatly and positively fixed my life (thanks to kpop!!) So, that's why I get so deep whenever I talk about kpop and stuff. But anyways, school is fun & I do have friends and teachers. But there have and will be hardships. But I'm learning to just get over it and use it as a method of learning in itself. By the way, you are an extremely nice person! Thank you so so much!!
Oh boy that was rough...I'm sorry you're having all this trouble. Especially since you're young. Believe me high school ends and for me I loved school. I loved learning I just hated the fact that people looked at me odd or thought I was a ticking time bomb. I had that look about me that people thought I'd throw down at any moment. It's just resting bitch face and the energy I gave off as intimidating unintentionally -_- fuck em. Learning was great but feeling like an outsider blew. So keep your head high and walk tall! Be proud of who you are ^_^ and I bet that bitch will get what's coming to her from karma