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So its around this time people start feeling sad that they don't have anyone to celebrate Valentines Day with. But they seem to be forgetting the only thing on this earth worth loving....FOOD.
So to remind you about whats really important, here are 7 food gifs that are sexier then any date you could ever have.

mhhmmmmmmm is really anything hotter then sizzling bacon?

The true American Dream...more than one cheeseburger.

And on a night as chilly as a cold February, this delicious soup is exactly what I want to cuddle with.

Rumor has it pizza never will never break your heart.

Even veggies can look absolutely divine and a buttery corn on the cob might just be the best veggie out there.

If someone even tries to tell me Mac and Cheese isn't your soul mate you really will end up alone.

No words necessary. I'm melting just like that cake.

literally a few months ago when I was in training in Nebraska I was eating bacon, all kinds of bacon, every day at work... idk how I didn't gain any weight but it was simply the best... I'm probably a pro bacon tester now.
True story, I dated a pizza once and it never cheated on me.
@nicolejb I dated a calzone once. It lasted a day then disappeared before the next morning. I have a suspicion it ran off with my friend who had came over to visit. -_-
Oh man @LizArnone you are a goddess... and you're making me VERY hungry right now hahaha
Dangit now I'm excited AND hungry. Thanks a LOT! @LizArnone *stomps off to kitchen*
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