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Month: August. Your honey senpia! Your a sweet but also dangerous person who loves sweets and will care about your friends.
Month:September Your tamiki senpai (Idk if i spelt it right) your a very funny person but also a big flirt who would make people fall in love with you just with your charm
Month: October You are Shiota Nagisa! Your a very quiet but once some one gets on your bad side you are the most scariest person they've met.
Month: November Your God Yato! you Are the most funniest person, and always keeps your promise no mattet what. And you listen to others when they need help.
Month: December Your Kirito! your a brave and Very good at mostly very thing! You keep a very good memory of people and you keep your friends close!
Month: January Your Sasuke Uchia! Very smart , good at sports and has a very sharp eye when it comes to fighting. Your never show your feelings that much but you care alot about others.
Month: February Your Zero! You are very quiet , you are you act tough around others. You make people fall in love with you just by your voice
Month: March Your killua! Your very scary but also a good friend who will protect you no matter what happens, You want those people who hurt you suffer. You dont hold back.
Month: April Your pain! Your Very tough and want to wish pain to happen to those who think your not good enough.
Month: May Your Ichigo! You change alot but you keep on fighting, People make fun of you just cause your different from them. You keep your friends close but dont wish to hurt them.
Month: June Your Kaneki ! You are a very shy person who doesnt want to be bad , you keep that one person you care close to you than any other person.
Month: July Your Naruto! People dont think your a brave, and strong person but you secretly are. You are the type of person who doesnt give up easily and you'll make sure you keep your promise to the person that matters the most to you.
Please Like and clip my post! Sorry for spelling errors! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Thank you and please comment on who you got. ( Btw i got tamiki senpai ಠ_ಠ)
I'm tamaki lol
Yay i'm honey!
@LtheKid8 - nice 😊
@Oniichan0 Lol maybe XD
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