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Hey y'all I know it isn't Thursday but since our girl @amobigbang made her wild card yesterday I'll be posting mine today! Instead of something purely Kookie related I made this about something he loves which is dance! Now I know I would LOVE to have his dancing skills and SLAY but I'm too clumsy. Thankfully I found the next best thing!! Yesterday I came across some awesome and easy BTS dance tutorials and I'd like to share them with you all. I know we all would love to dance along to our favorite BTS songs and we can!! The only thing is these girls teach only the chorus and for now they have five BTS songs. I've added them below and they do many other kpop dances so check them out!!
This is awesome I've been itching to learn the choreography lol
Ok, I spent a good chuck of time trying to figure out if I've been in that dance studio before.... Need to go look these guys up. Anyway, this was a cool post. Thank you.
I do love me some Kookies
Yes I can!!! @VKookie47 Everyone Can!!!^.^>. <
I love this channel it really does help
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