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Break ups are extremely difficult. The nights alone are what really hurt, the hours spent wasted away in the dark wondering and worrying the "what ifs". And while breaking up will always feel shitty, there are 3 very important questions you should never ask yourself.

1. Could I have done something better?

The answer honestly could be yes or no, but wondering that will not help the matter. The time for what could or couldn't be done has long past and worrying over it now will do nothing but upset you more and even led you to question the very foundation of your relationship. It isn't worth it and it isn't helpful.

2. Will I ever move on?

The answer is Yes, as long as you try!! Take time to grieve because losing the one you love hurts like hell, but refusing to accept the end will leave no room to start a new beginning. And a new beginning is exactly what you need, even if it is a new beginning of a glorious single life.

3. Was it worth this pain?

If it hurts you so much you are questioning this, then Yes, your love WAS worth that pain. Love is wonderful because it makes you feel happier then you ever thought possible, but feeling that happiness is always a gamble because with that happiness comes indescribable sadness. While the pain hurts, the happy moments will always make it worth it after the sting of the break up wears off.
You going be okay
I no it's hard to tell sometimes but everyone is valuable in different ways. And sometimes when things end, it can be hard to see your value. <3
turn to God. everything happens for a reason. never give up and pray
i tried to get with a decent woman. turned out she was a total ass and im a really nice person. well i wanna be im a total ass myself but i am nice toward my partner. i just dont believe in faithful partners anymore. no one is taught respect or how to handle a relationship. they are taught sex will get you everywhere and fed lies in our schools, parents nowadays are to sheltering to teach about relationships. i dont believe in happiness in a relationship, it doesn't exist to me. the idea itself is so far fetched, how can one be happy? how do you be happy? what does it feel like to be happy? nuetrality is all i know. i have nothing to look forward to or nothing to look back on. as i said i will never be enough. but i am okay with this fact.
@mastertoad pretty sure those cant be considered women but girls. Keep moving forward and you'll find a real woman. That being said you are totally worth it. No girls should bring you down that way. you are a one of a kind and God made you cuz you're worth it. So please continue strong. This world needs you. 馃槅
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