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YG FAMILY- Gotta love'em. So I will be trying out this challenges thanks to @BBXGD. HERE WE GO!! @JessikaLuna @AimeeH
1. Very first YG artist is none of than BIG BANG *Big Bang will more than likely be all throughout this card lol*
2. and 3. First YG K pop song/ MV: Big Bang- Bad Boy I can still remember when I first heard it. Fell in love with it once the best started
4. Ultimate YG MALE Group: Big Bang
5. Top 3 Favorite Group: Epik High 2ne1 iKon
6. Top 5 Solo Artists: G Dragon Taeyang CL Taboo Lee Hi
7. Top 5 Favorite Songs: G Dragon- Who You CL- Baddest Female Tablo feat. Taeyang- Tomorrow Seungri feat. GD- Strong Baby Big Bang- Bang Bang Bang
8. Top 5 MV Big Bang- Bang Bang Bang Epik High- Born Hater Big Bang- Fantastic Baby 2ne1- Clap Your Hands GD and TOP- High High
9. Catchiest Song CL- Baddest Female
10. Ultimate MALE Bias: My Ultimate is G Dragon. * Funny things is that originally it was Taeyang, but it seems like now it's GD*
11. BIAS Wrecker: Unfortunately it's not only 1. But I have 2 BIAS wreckers. What to do
okay so I did all of these together!! 12. and 13. Best MALE and Female Dancer I couldn't choose so I picked B.I. and Taeyang Minzy 14. and 15. BEST MALE AND FEMALE VOCALISTS Daesung and Lee Hi 16. and 17. BEST MALE AND FEMALE RAPPER CL and TOP 18. and 19. BEST MALE AND FEMALE LEADER CL and G Dragon
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