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k, so this is my first real post. any anime combination is allowed. the question is who would u marry, sleep with, and who would u kill?
id marry Asuna. she's just so bad ass and id feel the most relaxed around her.
id sleep with sleep with saeko from high school of the dead cuz she just looks like an amazing girl to be in bed with lol
and id kill this ass. not only cuz hes a perv, hes just so irritating. what would your combination be???
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I d marry saeko sleep with saeko and kill sakura from naruto
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I would marry kurama from yu yu hakusho sleep with Sebastian from black butler and kill evergreen from fairytale
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I'm a girl so I'll just do guys. I'd marry Armin. I'd sleep with Death the kid. And I'd kill Nora from Noragami
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