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This has to be the Best K-Drama I have ever seen in my Life! It made me Laugh, and it made me cry. I loved it so much, I finished watching all the episodes within 3 days.
I am Crazy about this show, and I could watch it again and again! If you've never seen "Kill me, Heal me" and you love K-dramas, I seriously Recommend this show. It's the Best!!! 😃
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I just did that w another 1. It kills me when u just CAN'T STOP.
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yes definitely romantic and funny I also like it a lot. .lol
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I loved this one! Especially his fangirl persona!
2 years ago·Reply
He is such a excellent actor...
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@poojas haha! I just loved Ahn yo na, She was hilarious. @lovetopia He is a great actor, they couldn't have found anyone better to play the part.
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