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"Jungkook" Namjoon mumured hoarsely,lifting his head to gaze into his lovers eyes as his fingers continued to twist and tease the warm, velvety nub of the makane's nipple. "Have you been a good boy?" He asked intensely seductive. Jungkook chuckled breathlessly, heat surging from Namjoon's fingers on his nipple straight to his groin, egged on by the slow, steady rubbing if Namjoon's hard body against his own and the light, somehow erotic caress of Namjoon's body. They were alone in the house, all the other members were out eating t a restaurant it was well after midnight. "No I have been a bad boy" he mumured back with a heated grin, his hands sliding down to grip his lovers backside and rock Namjoon's hips more firmly against his own. Namjoon's heated smile was deep and delighted as he captured Jungkook's delicious lips he has and sucked Jungkook's breath skillfully out of his body. They kissed for several long, breathless minutes, clothing rubbing back and forth against one another as they rocked together. Namjoon, growing tired of the separation between them, started slowly taking off his lovers shirt, and started giving soft kisses at his neck and worked downward. Jungkook quickly followed suit, and took off Namjoon's shirt as well. Exposing his shoulders and upper arm. He was glorious in his lovers eyes. Jungkook traced the line of his lovers collarbone and the round curve of his shoulder with admiration in hi eyes. Namjoon smiled and unbuttoned Jungkook's jeans and pulled open his fly. Jungkook gasped softly as a warm hand cupped his member and let out a small moan when Namjoon did a light stroke. "I live your voice" Namjoon said which sent chills through his flesh. Namjoon pumped even faster and looked at Jungkook's lustful face. His lips slightly open with a bit of salvia on the corner of his mouth, eyes full of lust, and panting a bit. Namjoon got even horny than he was before. Jungkook moans were getting louder than before. "Namjoon...... I'm ...ah... In about.... To c-cum!" Namjoon did one last strike and Jungkook moaned out loud while his cum squirted on his stomach. When Jungkook evened his breathing he looked in Namjoon's eyes and smiled up at him not even caring if he was dirty , he cupped his face and said " I would return the favor" he smirked at him. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips, he then trailed kisses down Namjoon's chest. Going up only to nibble on his neck. He then trailed back down his chest while rubbing himself friction with friction. He took out Namjoon's member, first looking at it with admiration and wondering if he can take it it all in. He gripped Namjoon's erection and kissed the tip of it. He then licked his length and kissed it, feeling the throbbing erection with his lips, and tongue. And teeth as well but grazed it softly while sucking. Namjoon's chest heaved softly and couldn't help but thrust his hips in the warm caven of Jungkook's mouth. Namjoon looked down only to be meet by Jungkook's eyes while bobbing his head softly. Namjoon knew Jungkook was teasing him. Jungkook kept taunting him going even slower, sucking on it harder. This was making Namjoon crazy he grabbed Jungkook's hair and pushed his head further until he coul feel his dick in the back of Jungkook's throat. Jungkook was about to gag from the size of Namjoon's dick and because he just thrusted out of nowhere, but he was supposed to be pleasuring Namjoon so he let it be. Namjoon on the other hand was lost in the feeling, he curled his fingers in Jungkook's hair and kept thrusting in his makane's warm caven. Jungkook grabbed Namjoon's hip and gave one hard suck on his dick that finally mad him cum in his mouth. "Ngh...... Fuck!" Namjoon gave one last buck to give a little more cum in Jungkook's mouth. Namjoon was panting a bit as well as Jungkook. Namjoon looked down only to see Jungkook kiss the top of his dick with a smile. He then got up and started to kiss Namjoon. Namjoon slid his tongue out asking for entrance in which Jungkook accepted.
Okay I'll have part two , well continuation !!!! So don't worry about it lol!
@luna1171 ok so maybe I went overboard and I want them sooner lol
@MaricelvaRomero tag me in the VKook!!!!! This one was amazing. but i ship VKook so hard!! lol i made a pun.... ok i know it wasnt that funny. but for real this was amazing. tag for the continuation too
@luna1171 @MaricelvaRomero Yass see :) I'm so ready!!
@luna1171 yes no worries I'll have a Markson one too and a VKook!!
@PrettieeEmm ..ok fine but I'm just making
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