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Excuse me, what?

One fan has definitely stricken a chord with hilarious comedic actor, Kevin Hart. On the Thursday evening of January 28, a fan tweeted at Hart asking, "When are black celebs like Kevin Hart and Marlon Wayans gonna stop doing stereotypical movies?"
Within two hours, Hart responded with a very heated response. Celebrities are often targeted for high criticism in regards to the roles they portray however women and African-American actors face the most heat. Hart is one of many who have been targeted for representing himself in a way that fans don't appreciate even though he's bringing more representation to the black community in a very white-controlled Hollywood.

Her tweet.

His response.

And of course, he ended it with plugging his movie.

to certain extent I kind of agree with her comment. I'd like to see us do more of a variety of things rather than just movies like 50 shades of black and Ride Along.THATS what will lift up the black community as well.and also based off of the things that Kevin has said in the past,I hardly doubt that the progression of the black community is his main concern.
lol I love him. idc what movies he plays in. I will watch them
I think that was a pretty classy response, though with people being passive aggressive on Twitter I suspect it's probably better to just ignore them... @ChosenKnight I definitely hear that. It's so frustrating because if a show or movie has a majority nonwhite cast it's automatically a "Black Movie" or an "Asian movie" but the other 80-90% of movies aren't "White Movies"... smh. More opportunities for all kinds of stories, whether it be parodies/satires or dramas, thrillers, is what needs to happen