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tis new boy group frm sm is goin to come out u may or may not know but some of thm r frm sm rookies but never got to debut untill now tis new boy group it's called NCT stands fo neo culture technology, it was an idea frm Lee Soo Man SM TOWN: New Culture Technology, 2016’, which was held at SMtown COEX Artium, Seoul Gangnam, in the afternoon of 27th, was whn hr Announced tat the new boy group NCT was goin to debut.
one of the members I know tat was frm smrookies was Taeyong, I had always had an eye fo him idk y but OMG!! he is gorgeous haha anyway yea tis new boy group I heard is also gonna consist of 40 members! I was like 😱😱😱no frekin way!!!! haha anyways yea comment below on wat u think should sm be doin tis to kpop fans??
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@KpopGaby I have no idea tat was all I heard I wish it wasn't to be honest i was hoppin fo bighit or wool is to be honest or cube to but idk t it has to be sm
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now how are we going to learn 40 names ? and pick a bias out of them all ?😭😭😭😭😭
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@BelencitaGarcia Ikr haha I was thinkin the same thing
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@taetaebaozi I don't know if I can do lol. kpop fans life just got harder
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@EmilyGardner i agree wth u on tat
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