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So, I got tagged by @MadAndrea and @ARMYStarlight for this one...oh boy this is gonna be hard.
Picking just three songs that I have a strong connection to and that really resonates with me..... *sweatdrop*
I guess the first one I have to go with is 'Lucifer' by SHINee. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, this is the song I tend to go to. I really don't know why, but this is one song that always, always, always makes me feel better.
'Beautiful Liar' by VIXX LR. The first time I watched this MV, I was stunned to the point I was OMG. I could hardly breath, it struck me so hard. I'm of an age where I can honestly relate, where you attempt to give yourself to one person only to have it backfire. Whether it's a girl/boy friend, or just giving your friendship and trust to someone... I've been burned by friends (have never have a boyfriend so that part doesn't EXACTLY relate) to the point I want to make them feel like I do. I want them to hurt as they hurt me. Letting go of that pain and anger is hard, and sometimes it takes years for it to go away. (Yes, I'm still bitter)
G-Dragon 'Get Your Crayon'
The MV still makes me scratch my head, but the song appeals to my inner child that never grew up. The whole 'why so serious' and 'get your crayon' speaks to me, because a lot of people tend to forget to have fun. (Me, not so much) We don't HAVE to leave our childhood completely behind as we get older. Yes, we have to get more responsible, but that shouldn't rule our lives. Isn't that why they now have Adult Coloring Books?
tagging the usuals! If you want to be added, or removed, let me know!
I also would like to make 'specific group' tag lists, for BTS, SHINee, Monsta X, B.A.P., Big Bang, Seventeen, EXO, etc...so I only tag you in the groups you are interested in! Please, please, please, please let me know! I don't want to tag the friends I have made here in cards they don't have any interest in seeing. (and if you know of any who may LIKE to be tagged in any of the aforementioned groups, tag them or let me know about them!)
Hahaha yes! Adult coloring books are the best. I definitely carry one around with me regularly.
@Kieuseru well get ready for some jrock spam
@CreeTheOtaku yes it can be any song
Can I be added? ??>. <
My favorites! !!!^.^
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