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6 (originally 7) cute beastly adorkable guys that just make you smile, ovaries exlode, drool, laugh...


Lee Junho!!!

The Penguin Empire himeself! Born in the year of the horse in the house aquarius... (yeah that right he actually an aquarius not a capricorn.) born on Janurary 25,1990 in Ilsan, South Korea
Nicknames: +Emperior. +Hobutt. +Little Rain. +Smiling Eyes. +2pm (hottest inside joke) Blood type: A Height: 178cm/ 5 feet 10 inches Weight: 67kg / 147.7 pounds Religion: Christianity
Now if you dont fall for him remember there are 5 others... This prince charming the one of the main vocialist that had dance moves for days and yes all 6 of them have abs.
Junho also has a solo career as artist and is a producer as well as writer. He so talented that you will qant to get up and dance wether its one of japanese songa or korea.
he is one mazing amazing actor movies like twenty and cold eyes even been in a couple of dramas too...
Here some of his music videos as well. You will be hook aftet watching just one...
I'll let you pick the next card for tomorrow. +Nichkhun +Jun.K +Taecyeon +Wooyoung +Chansung want to learn more on Junho than basic.... look him up and be ready to drool
One of the reasons why i gave up on having a bias list 😂
This one !!!! Is the death of me I always thought he was cute then I saw him in jyp's Japan tour teaser and he was shirtless and sexy and oh gosh I died
tag me please!!
tag for next one!!!
Can you tag me? Please!!
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