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There tongues touched and was doing a soft dance while exploring each others mouth, tasting each other. Jungkook then wrapped his arms around around Namjoon's neck pulling him closer as possible. Namjoon grabbed Jungkook's waist towards him and started raining his hands on his lovers skin. Jungkook moaned through the kiss, sending shivers to Namjoon's body. Namjoon then grabbed hold of Jungkook's thighs and lifted him up. Jungkook wrapped his legs around his waist and moaned when Namjoon started sucking on his neck. Jungkook finally felt himself being lowered down and felt the soft matress in his back. Namjoon stood up and looked down on Jungkook. "Your body is so beautiful" he said while his eyes examined Jungkook's body. He went back down trailing hi hand softly on Jungkook's soft body. Looking in Jungkook's eyes he kissed him a no, not a heated kiss but a passionate kiss. When they stopped kissing he slide two digits in Jungkook's mouth. Jungkook licked each digit giving small sucks in it. Namjoon took his finger out seeing a trail salvia trail go down both his fingers and at the corner of Jungkook's mouth. He parted Jungkook's legs a bit and slide one fingers in Jungkook entrance. Jungkook made a small wimped. Namjoon then slide another digit. Scissoring Jungkook to stretch his hole. " Ahh-!" Was the only think Jungkook was doing and feeling the sensation he was feeling. Once Namjoon as done prepping Jungkook, he kissed Jungkook's forehead while positioning himself in Jungkook's entrance. "It would hurt only a bit okay" he assured Jungkook, which he only nodded to him. Jungkook felt Namjoon's tip in his entrance he felt a bit scared but he waited long enough, he wanted this. He hugged Namjoon when he slowly slide his dick inside him. They both groaned when it was all in. "Mm mm.... You have... A really tight hole!" Namjoon groaned from the tightness that was around his dick he slowly pulled out and thrusted slowly, letting Jungkook adjust to him. He kept doing the same process when Jungkook felt better enough to let him go a bit faster. Jungkook would whimper whenever Namjoon hit his prostrate, in seconds later was when Namjoon finds himself thrusting back up to meet the other, letting Jungkook set the pace. Gearing Jungkook's breath hitch with little moans and groan, he can't help but smirk, when he feels Jungkook pick up the pace and knees tighten even more around his hips, fingers digging into his skin as let out a moan. Jungkook tightening around him that Namjoon can't help but let out a groan, feeling himself reaching his peak. Namjoon snaked can his hand and curls it around Jungkook's dick, stroking him, teasing the head every once in a while, feeling pre- cum. He fists fist Jungkook's hips to go in the same pace. Jungkook going even faster, biting his lips he cums with a pleasured cry of Namjoon's name, vision going blank with his release. Tightening one more time while Namjoon thrusts one more time ad pull Jungkook down on high high until he cums with a groan himself, finally being pulled over him until completion. Only for Jungkook to collapse against him a moment later, chest heaving and whimpering at the sudden pain, Namjoon quickly pulls himself out of Jungkook an lays down with him. Namjoon moves the damp strands of hair from Jungkook's forehead, Jungkook's heart going a mile a minute smiles breathily at him. He gives him a sweet kiss and Namjoon kisses his forehead in a sign of affection and whispers " I live you, you did good baby , you did good." Jungkook can only smile and curl up into his hold and drifts off rivsleep, while Namjoon looks once more in his lovers form, hug him tighter and slips in a wonderful sleep he ever had.
Well there you have it folks !!! Hope you loved it!!!!
I have no words even I feel exhausted lol
wow..that was awesome. .but you forgot to tag people .I found it by
I did actually but Ido what happened to it @luna1171