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NamjoonXReader Genre: Fluff/Angst
“Damn it! Where is it?” Namjoon mumbled, searching everywhere in the studio as the members watched him. “Hyung, what are you looking for?” Jimin asked curious, but still had his face stuffed into his phone. “My music sheet for the new song I was writing.” He answered, going through some binders. “Just One Day? You better not have lost that. That was our only copy.” Yoongi warned looking up from his phone, annoyed at the fact that he could actually lose something that important. Well at least he didn’t destroy it, but losing it wasn’t any better. “It’s fine, I’ll find it.” He said determined. Yoongi just went back to his phone and waved his hand in the air dismissing his statement. He sighed as he kept looking. He couldn’t stop think about you. It had been 2 years yet you still looked so beautiful. Especially what you were wearing today. A tight black short skirt that wrapped perfectly around the lower half of your body, and a thin white, almost see-through dress shirt that had 2 buttons undone. Your long hair sat over your shoulders with your beautiful smile planted on your face. He wondered why you were dressed so nicely, maybe it was for work? His stupid idea of getting coffee by himself actually gave him a chance to see you again. It was a happy accident. He smiled at the thought of you again. “I think he has gone crazy for looking for that sheet. Look at him, smiling like an idiot.” Taehyung announced, earning a laugh from some of the members. Namjoon frowned and hit him on the head before going back to look for it again.
It was almost midnight when you arrived in front of Big Hit Entertainment. You just finished work and decided to stop by to return the music sheet you had found earlier when you bumped into Namjoon. You remember coming here almost every day to visit him as well as treating the members some food. You took a deep breath before entering the building. You were about to open the door when you heard someone humming. You peeked through the somewhat glass door to see Namjoon sitting on the floor leaning against the wall as he hummed an unfamiliar song. Your grip on the handle tightened. Hearing him hum brought back so many memories. You shook your head and noticed that he had his lyric book out on his lap and pen in his hand but he wasn’t writing anything. “Damn it! Why can’t I think of any lyrics??” He scolded himself, throwing the pen across the room. It bounced and knocked some things to the floor and rolled towards the door. He sighed at his stupid actions and dragged himself up to grab the pen. You opened the door and grabbed the pen before he did. He looked at you shocked and confused why you were here. “Maybe this will help you think of some lyrics.” You suggested, holding the music sheet to his face. His expression lightened up when he saw the paper. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He cheerfully chanted, grabbing the paper. You giggled at his childish behavior. “Where did you find it anyways?” “The alley, I thought you might need it.” You smiled. “You thought right.” He smiled back, pulling you towards him to give you a hug. You were surprised at his actions. He pulled away quickly before you could hug him back. “Sorry, it was out of habit.” He explained rubbing his neck. “It’s okay.” You nodded, he looked down and noticed your shoes were different. “Hey, did you change your shoes?” He asked, pointing down. You looked down and point your ankles up. “Yeah, my co-worker lent me a pair of new ones.” “Some co-worker.” “Yeah, she owed me for taking her shift.” “I see.” There was a long pause. You didn’t know what else to say and he sure as hell didn’t either. You just stared at each other for a while before looking somewhere else. Hoping one of you would break the awkward silence. “I should go.” You stated. You had to get out of there quick. “Yeah, of course.” He answered, rubbing his neck again. “Good luck with your song.” “Thanks.” “Yeah… Bye.” “See you around.” You rushed out of the studio and into your car. ‘What was that?’ You thought to yourself when you remembered the hug. You felt your heart pounding at an unbelievable rate, you panted. It was probably just from running out of the studio. You rested your head against the car seat and stared at the dark starry sky. “You gave his music sheet back. Don’t worry about seeing him again.” You reminded yourself. “It’s going to be fine, just drive away.”
This is Interesting...I wonder what happens next...😊😊😊
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