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With the addition of the Rams back into the L.A. scene as a football team, many football franchises in close markets have been thinking about leaving town.
One of the teams that may leave town in the Oakland Raiders. While San Antonio was the first city that showed interest, a new destination has come into play and is making steam to be the home of Raider Nation: Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Sands chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson wants to build a $1 billion domed stadium on the UNLV campus.
Davis has long stated that remaining in Oakland is his primary goal, but after being rebuffed in an attempt to move to Los Angeles and join the Chargers in a joint-stadium project in nearby Carson, the Raiders do not have a lease for a home stadium for the 2016 season.
The Raiders need a home, and Las Vegas may be able to provide one.

Should The Raiders Move To Las Vegas?

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@mchlyang well, how bout they do what the patriots do. They could be stationed near Las Vegas but far enough away that they could avoid the distractions. I mean we associate the Patriots with Boston yet they're stadium is in Foxboro. Im sure that there is a city near las vegas that could be good for both the team, the cities, and the tourism.
@Straightshooter You mean by all the brothels? Hell yeah!
@Straightshooter That is also true...but I feel like if it's not stationed in the heart of Las Vegas, then it may lose all the merits that it has for being a team in Las Vegas!
@shagnasty360 HAHAHAHA good one bro
I am in no way saying that I know the complete demographics of the area, but having ran around that area in my younger days, Its either metropolitan Las Vegas or desert dotted with establishments catering to carnal desires. Probably should have it in Vegas. Also, if you count Vince McMahons XFL experiment, it wouldn't be the first pro football team LV has had.