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Hoseok x Y/N Angst/Fluff/Smut(?) Mature Language and Themes Once you had admitted you were certainly not what he'd thought, he wouldn't let up. Would bringing him into your world extinguish the light you were beginning to cherish? Or would he allow you to fall back into your empty hell? ~*~
A steady beeping broke the long held silence of your mind. In the same instance, you gasped sharply thanks to the blinding pain beating at the side of your head. Knowing full well it was asinine to try to move anything, you started off small. Your eyelashes fluttered softly as you attempted to lift an eyelid. A bright sterile light caused it to clamp down almost immediately. Too bright. Hospital bright. You began to relax back into oblivion when a tiny voice came from the end of your bed. "...awake?" was all you could catch. "Who're you?" You managed to mutter. You groaned at the throbbing from your vocal vibrations. You opened your eyes again and crashed through the pain. You could see an IV hanging off to the side, and you wondered angrily why you weren't hooked up to it. Morphine could be a pleasant friend right now. All at once your mind attempted to piece together what had occurred. Judging from where the pain was radiating and the weight of cloth bandages tediously turbaned around your head, you could tell that fall wasn't as pretty as you remembered it. Everything rushed back to you and you couldn't help the swear words that uttered from your lips. "That wasn't very ladylike, now was it?" he cooed, his words rude but his voice not unfriendly. Your eyes traveled to the nearest exit, lingering longingly, before coming to a stop before you. Looking down, you could see a man (A boy? He looked so young!) slouched over the foot of your bed comfortably. His shimmering dark hair was parted on the side, and fell across his eyes gracefully. His nose was long and slender, it's severity falling in line with his high cheekbones. But all you could see was his smile. His lips were curled into a worried smile barely showing his teeth, and his eyes, though they were a black ocean, shimmered brightly. He was a handsome man, and his gaze continued to pierce through you, even as you turned away shyly. The movement ached, and you reached up and touched your head covering. "Head trauma," he explained curtly. "When you fell, you hit your head on the concrete, and you went out like a light." He sighed dramatically and his smile widened, showing a set of very perfect teeth. "It's unfortunate I couldn't get to you sooner." You winced as another round of pain hit you. "It's amazing you got to me at all," you said quietly, "or else I'd probably be..." "Dead?" he offered, furrowing his brows. His smile died down. "Were you trying to die? It sure looked like it." He tapped his willowy fingers against the edge nervously, and it seemed as if he didn't want to know the answer. Embarrassed, you thought back to the darkness closing in around you, the solace it brought. "No," you lied weakly, suddenly feeling parched. Your mind was beginning to cloud with memories. Tears threatening your hooded lids, you took a deep breath. "I wasn't trying to kill myself, I just need to get away. Very far away." His head tilted and he looked at you solemnly. You gripped the thin sheet covering your frail body in your hands and glared at the wall. Who did he think he was? Saving you and then looking at you like that. Like a poor animal who couldn't protect herself. You'd seen that look before by one other person and it infuriated you. He opened his mouth but you cut him off. "I didn't fucking ask you to save me," you snapped. "Why are you even still here?" He recoiled, once sparkling eyes faltered, and he frowned. You immediately regretted your outburst. "I understand you that didn't," he hesitated, and looked down at his lap. "But I wasn't going to keep walking. That's just inhumane." You clicked your tongue and scoffed at the word, recalling all kind of things that would probably make him gag. You knew all about being inhumane. He didn't have a clue. "But then why are you still here? You could have left me here and walked off the hero." He blushed, all trace of humor absent. "I don't know," he admitted softly, "I just wanted to make sure you were okay." You felt bad. He was just a nice guy on the street trying to make sure a pretty girl was okay. Your life had taught you to be wary of others. You had to remind yourself you weren't dealing with the others, but with an unknown. Another variable. Shit. "I'm sorry," you whispered sincerely, and he looked up at you curiously. "I'm sorry for snapping at you. It's's just been a lot for me, you know?" He didn't have the slightest clue, but he nodded anyway. Something was gnawing at the back of your head. You sat up carefully, and his grip on the railing tightened, preparing for the worst. You shifted and made yourself comfortable, laying your hands in your lap. "But why did they let you in here?" You gestured to the room around you. "You don't even know my name." His mouth twitched and he flashed a dazzling smile that didn't meet his dull eyes. "I carried you in, and told them I was your fiancé. Easily believable, I mean, look at us. We make a great couple, don't you think?" He flashed you a cheeky grin and you couldn't help but feel the corners of your mouth raising. His face softened and he chuckled heartily. Your felt shoulders relax and relished in how wonderful a sound it was. "How in the world did they believe that when there's no ring?" you remarked, wiggling your heavy fingers at him. "Maybe I'm cheap," he replied. "So what would I gain by marrying you?" "My good looks and charm." You snorted. "Doesn't seem worth it, especially when I don't even know your name." "Hoseok," he said, beaming while bowed his head, "Jung Hoseok." You offered a weak hand and he clutched it gently, flushing when he brought your knuckles to his lips. He stood up and glanced outside, through the window you'd paid little attention to previously. "Pretty night, isn't it?" He gestured lovingly. You glanced at it, noticing it was a cloudless night, the frost collecting on the edges of the windowpane. You couldn't be higher than the second floor you deduced, aging trees snaking their way up past you. A crescent moon was staring at you, playfully illuminating the ground below. You spotted something that chilled your core. The man grinned as you locked eyes, and raised a cellphone to his ear. No, no way. Not now. Jumping out of the bed, you nearly slipped as the sheets fell down around you. He yelped in surprise, but already trying to gather yourself. Hoseok rushed to your side and pressed his arms against your shoulders, insisting warily that you needed to rest. You turned to look at him and the fear in your eyes made him falter. "What's wr-?" "Hoseok we need to leave. NOW!" You hissed and gripped his wrist, steadying yourself. He stepped back as you threw off your body cloth, too distracted to notice you were barely clothed. "Y/N, I don't understand," he started, clearly confused and pointedly looking away, "you're in no condition to leave, there's no way the doctor-" "Forget him, we've got to go," you repeated hurriedly. Something just didn't quite click though. Scrambling for your belongings, you picked up your purse and prayed the staff hadn't gone through it. Your hand felt cool steel and you breathed a sigh of relief. "Get ready, you can't stay now that they know you're with me," you sputtered, ignoring the blinding pain from your head and shoving your still wet jeans on. Your shirt came next and you chanced a look outside. He was gone. Shit. "Hoseok," you turned around to look at him. He hadn't moved an inch and was still looking at you with dark eyes, disturbed. "Thank you, for saving me. Now I need to save you." You realized how crazy you sounded, but you willed him to believe you. He shook his head slowly with narrowed eyes. "I don't know what game you're playing at, but I didn't really sign up to play mental patient." Again his voice wasn't unkind, but he couldn't help but look at you as if you'd sprouted branches from your ears. Sighing, you slowly pulled the gun out of your purse and pointed it at the ground. His face paled and eyes widened. You had to be crazy. "What the fuck are you??" He spat and began walking backwards towards the door, your weapon not leaving his sight. "I'm not going to hurt you," you whispered as he took another a step back cautiously, "but I need you to trust me." When he swallowed silently, still staring at the gun, you bit your lip angrily. This was wasting time, they'd be on you soon. "Please, Hoseok," you pleaded, "I know I don't have the right but you've got to trust me." He didn't move for a while, so long that your started processing just how bad the throbbing of your head was taking a toll. Clouded judgement was the last thing you needed when there were already so many different ways this could go. He shocked you out of your internal monologue when he ran his fingers through his hair and groaned. Waving his hand towards the door he silently agreed. Maybe he should have just left you lying there. Adrenaline surging, you rushed forward and gripped the handle of the door, pulling Hoseok out of harms way behind you. "This might get ugly," you advised, and you felt him squirm. "Y/N, shouldn't we just call the cops on whoever they are?" He offered helplessly, his forehead sweating. Your brain clicked again. Something was not fucking right. "Hoseok," you said turning to him slowly, "how do you know my-" A rumble felt in your toes first made the hospital groan and shudder and the lights flicker. The deafening boom came next, drowning out screams from the hallway. His alarmed eyes were the last thing you saw before the world came down around you. ~*~
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