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It's Friday night, and I've got a hot date. No, not with any sort of guy, but with the Geniuses at Apple. In fact, I'm typing this from an Apple store, where my iPhone is being serviced for a faulty display. Yesterday, after 0 trauma, my iPhone 6's touch screen just stopped working. Apparently, that's a pretty commonplace thing for these 600 dollar machines. So, I saddled up to the Genius bar and had them take a look.
I'm within my 1 year warranty so, I don't have to pay! Hallelu!
I'm wearing one of my favorite outfits. Guess jeans, a black long-sleeved shirt and an adorable fringe jacket that I bought because it reminded me of Kate Moss. I look pretty good, my makeup is all done, I'm wearing 4 inch heeled boots and one might mistake me for someone who should be on a date right now rather than sitting at some in-store demo laptop, alone in Palo Alto, the birthplace of Apple.
Isn't it every single twenty-something's dream to be spending their Friday night in an Apple store. I hope this fluorescent lighting doesn't wash out my contoured face. There are people all around me in their night-in best: sweatpants and baggy T-shirts, college hoodies, North Face jackets. I stick out like a sore thumb, a little bit too New York for California.
It's funny, when you imagine yourself in your prime, you don't imagine this. But these sorts of things happen, screens stop working, people don't call back. It's all apart of this funny thing called life.
As a young professional, it's nice to know that there are other people spending their night this way. At this big, oak table in the middle of the sales floor, there are several other gentlemen waiting on their beloved technological marvels that are being fixed in the Apple hospital. The poor guy across from me recently returned from India with a cracked screen and a 124 dollar replacement fee. I stopped feeling sorry for him after he snapped at one of the young "geniuses" after she said she couldn't get his screen replaced before his dinner reservation. He huffed off and said, "I'll come get it after. Thanks."
Things could be worse.
I'm oddly calm, and until now I hadn't had one minute of solace today. Somehow in this very public place, I'm in a state of solitude. Behind me are three screaming children that can only be occupied by little games on their iPads. It's a funny world we live in today.
I start to think about my love life, or lack-there-of and start to wonder...maybe I just need to go into the shop. Maybe my screen isn't responsive. If I'm not comfortable with myself, am I ready to be comfortable with someone else?
Some people appear to be shiny and new, perfect, like the screen of someone's phone that has been well taken-care of, loved and protected with some kind of screen preserving device. Others have a few scratches, or are cracked completely beyond repair, like the guy across from me.
It's funny, because when you look around in a place like this all of those things are represented. Somehow in the reflection of the many expensive screens all the faces start to look the same. Everyone is searching for something, or trying to get something fixed.
Club Apple was hopping tonight, and as little old ladies and teenagers get their first iPhones inside, I start to think, "there are worse ways to spend your time."
Its beyond dark outside, and across the street from the store is a middle aged man screaming about how everyone needs to atone for their sins. He's one of those megaphone prophets, someone who has taken it upon themselves to make everyone else aware of the inevitable. These sorts of things usually make me uneasy, but tonight, not so much.
I stand, staring in his direction, my new phone screen firmly in hand, and I smile. Because honestly, there's not much else you can do on a lonesome Friday night.
You need no visit to the shop or remachining Tess, no maintenance or firmware update required. You iOS is fully up to date and your screen is fully responsive. You're just waiting for the right App to come along, and you'll be off. Don't sweat it, you're several shades of fucking fantastic, and as sharp as a tack to match, takes some app to allow your processing speed to show it's full potential and your screen to glow in full resolution.
well said @InPlainSight.
i like the part when you stick out like a sore thumb in California, in my opinion android got some top spec smartphones.
P.S love the bag!
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