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Dedicated to my best friend Holls~ What happens when all of a sudden your best friend wins a competition and EXO takes resident in your neighborhood? Let's read to find out~ cards/chapters: (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4)
After being informed about your incident, you were told by the doctor that you had to stay in the hospital for at least two to three days just to make sure you didn't have anything serious and or lethal. You were glad that at least the guys cared and took care of you when you fainted, you still had the memory of Chanyeol sobbing and how his voice sounded so scared and  desperate yet caring while saying... "Holls, wake up please", "I can't lose you like this, wake up don't stay asleep", "I need you here with me, no one can take you away, expect for yourself but please not like this". ...The memory still fresh and recent, you almost considered it the thing that saved you, but in reality you believe it was all the love and care that awoke you from slipping into a coma.  That's when Chanyeol came back into your room in hospital and asked if you're feeling better at all, you nodded and then he sighed, then spoke up.."I was so worried, I really thought I was going to lose you just like that" he chuckled sadly but then added "Sorry Holls, I kinda sound pitiful, don't I?" You shot him a glare but then soften your gaze, "You pitiful? Don't make me laugh Chan, you're not pitiful, you were scared yet you stayed with me until I got better, what more can I ask for? You're not pitiful, you're sweet" you finished with a loving smile. Chanyeol buried his face in his hands, while turning a shade of pink and red. You giggled and said "You're adorable, but don't be shy it's only the truth" he then turned to you and brought you into his embrace "You're too sweet to me, you know? But don't lie to yourself Holls" "huh, lie to myself? What did I lie about?" Did I actually lie to myself? But what about?... After thinking for about 10 seconds he replies with "You lied about me being adorable, I know only because I'm cute but you're adorable" he chuckled, but you thought "Aish, this guy is too cheesy but I'll admit he is cute but I don't know about adorable" after rolling your eyes teasingly you retorted "You're right about you being cute but I don't know about adorable...hmm.." That's when he pinched your cheeks "Ouch! Chan what's that for?!?" You pouted because it actually hurt in your condition at the moment, he just laughed then caress your cheek, "Mian (sorry), but does it hurt a lot? Mianhae (I'm sorry) Holls, but saranghaeyo (I love you)" "I sarang (love) you too, but you're lucky I have a soft spot for you or else I would have slapped you to be fair" he gasped and then said dramatically "Heol (Gasp or shocked expression), I promise never to get slapped by you then, but you should rest it's midnight", you looked at the clock and sighed "he's right might as well just rest but what about him? I'm not about to let him sleep on this bed with me in a hospital or any place to be honest", like he is reading your thoughts he says "Don't worry I'm not going to sleep on your bed but on the couch inside the room" "Alright, but here's a blanket and pillow so at least you'll be somewhat comfortable, either way good night" you said while giving him a hug, he hugged you back and retorted "Night Holls" but slyly gave you a kiss on the forehead then headed to the couch. The Next Morning... You awoke to find that Chanyeol wasn't with you yet your friends were sleeping on the couch while you noticed Luna came into the door with food. "You finally woke up? Don't worry Chanyeol just left for his schedule, and Sehun called me because Chanyeol called the boys if they can take care of you but then Sehun suggested I do it, and voila! I'm here" she said happily, but you just laughed. "Hey, are you going to let me eat or let me starve now?" "Pft, I'm the most motherly out of all of us, but you really think I'll let you starve? And to think I brought you chocolate" Aish.... this lady "You didn't need too silly, and I was only kidding no one is going to take your motherly figure" she rolled gave you a look of 'I know' and 'eat up, you need too' at the same time. Finally getting to eat breakfast, the others started to awake once Luna and you started watching the television. You both heard them mumbling about their biases in EXO, once you heard you told Luna about a good way to wake them up personally. "So Holls, you want me to call Sehun? And ask him for the other members numbers?.." Luna repeated, "Yes, call him and ask for the other numbers I'll also ask Chan so don't worry it'll be fine" with that she gave you a hesitant look but then dialed Sehun. Luna's P.O.V~ "The things I do for my friends, hopefully he doesn't think I have bad intentions towards them" you kept thinking while dialing his number, which he gave you after he brought your favorite Bubbletea *Honeydrew* with *Strawberry* boba, while he got his favorite *Choco*. You had to admit he was pretty friendly and a gentleman as well, if it was any other guy they would probably ask me to pay, to be honest but now back on topic, will he ever pick up? "Luna! Mianhae I was talking with the hyungs and doing the photoshoot I told you about, what's up?" You smiled, and replied "It's okay Sehun-shi, but I have to ask you something but don't think anything weird now" you laughed. Sehun's P.O.V~ "It's okay Sehun-shi, but I have to ask you something but don't think anything weird now", this girl pft, I told her to call me oppa since I'm older and her laugh is kinda cute, what am I thinking? Either way..."Alright, but first you have to call me oppa from now on since you are my dongsaeng Luna~" I can imagine her rolling her eyes in disbelief while hearing her say "Do I really?? But you're only older by two years" you chuckled and retorted "Yes, even though it's two years, and what's your question though?" Finally I remembered that I need to stop going off topic...while you heard a sigh but you could of sworn it was like a loving sigh or maybe I'm going crazy you thought, "Oppa I have to ask you if I can get Lay's and Xiumin's phone numbers for something" you smiled once you heard 'oppa' even though you hear it often it's different but why was she asking for their numbers? And why am I feeling angry??? Either way.."Yea I'll message you then, but can I ask why? Do you like one of them by any chance?" Wait....why am I asking such a thing?!? Okay maybe I'm just tried since it's like 6:30 am, "Okay thanks, and Sehun I don't like them that I can promise, it's to play a prank on some of Holls' and my friends, by the way don't get used to hearing 'oppa'" you sighed in relief for no reason, but then said "talk with you later" and messaged her the numbers, but overall you found yourself happy. Luna's P.O.V~ You were about to check the message Sehun sent to you about Lay's and Xiumin's number while Holls got Kyungsoo's and Suho's number. While you message the numbers and explained to the two members and then they message you with "Luna! It's okay Sehun told us, but thanks for checking so now we can save your number too" you chuckled to yourself until you noticed the message you got from your best friend Taehyung, when you read it you were shocked, mainly because he said "Yo, Luna guess what? We are coming to see you guys again!! And yes that mainly means me and the guys but don't worry I'll actually call you rather than show up at your house like last time" your eyes were wide, because you were happy but that means something else, too but that's when you went to met Holls at her room in the hospital.. Holls' P.O.V~ You were waiting for Luna to get this plan in action before the girls wake up, but when you were about to message you she came in but you noticed she looked confused, worried, and all around stress but why would she? Did Sehun say something to her? Was it Xiumin, and or Lay? What happened? "Hey, you okay? You seem stressed, but I wouldn't know why..." She looked at you and then said "Holls, would you be okay if Taehyung and the guys came back?" You noticed her tone was somewhat stressed but you were caught off guard "Why? Is Taehyung coming to see you again? I know you two are close" what she said next started to make you worried with only the words "Holls, they're all coming back here but staying at my place again but Jungkook is also planning on catching up too...." You started to tear up yet you knew you were angry but not at Luna, now it makes sense why she was worried. You were crying and only noticed when Luna gave you a hug while the girls where asleep and all you said was "I guess it time to catch up and have a explaination as well".. To be continued~~ First of all I apologize for all the switching with the P.O.Vs I was trying to make this more interesting and less confusing on what's happening, by the way if you're wondering if I meant Taehyung and Jungkook from Bangtan (BTS) you're correct!! But try and guess what's Jungkook's and Holls' connection to each other, and sorry if it was confusing! Also thanks for being patient with me~
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