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Since @JiyongLeo decided to drag me down the rabbit hole that is VIXX, I of course started to seek out their music and videos and what not.
I casually decided to check out the Chained Up M/V since that's the song I was most familiar with. It also happened that the clip homegirl showed me (that subsequently started me down the rabbit hole) was part of a live performance of Chained Up. I also had recently watched video of V (BTS) fangirling to this song at an awards show so all in all it seemed the most appropriate place to start.
You know how Youtube likes to recommend other re-lated videos for you? Well, Error happened to be one I clicked first. And I do not regret it. The video is just amazing, It has a gut-wrenching, beautiful, compelling and visually stunning storyline. The dancing is on point. And the song itself is not only catchy but it's kind of heartbreaking in a happy sort of way... though I don't think it's meant to be. All in all, these boys have a lot of talent, lovely voices and they are pretty easy on the eyes. Needless to say I was hooked.
I watched this video at least a dozen times that night (and a number of other ones too). And thus began my downward spiral into VIXX Land. Error is the first song of theirs I purchased, and the first of their songs I could recognize when it came on. And I can now say it is easily my favorite VIXX song.
So without further ado, I will share this incredible song and video with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
What did ya think?
My favorite part is around 5:04. The part where they unplug themselves. It's heartbreaking but kind of sexy at the same time.
I adore the concept and the creativity involved in this video. I feel like I'm watching an entire movie in under six minutes.
Just let the robots love each other!
Here is the alternate dance version of the M/V.
And here is the lyric video for ya, just in case you'd like to know what it is they're singing about.
This is the "Errored" dance practice as recommened by @MaeLyn. I'm even more in love with these idiots now. They're messing with each other and being goofy. It's the BEST.
Thanks for stopping by.
Tagging the squad:
@ChaErica Oh, I'm quickly on my way to becoming Ravi trash. Because of @JiyongLeo, Ravi is the reason I decided to look into VIXX in the first place. She has only facilitated my love for the boy since. She's an enabler! But, it's ok, because I adore RAVI!
Error is just on point on so many levels <3
Welcome to hell starlight.
@Helixx Lol Ravi is the bomb! Plus he's sexy and adorable!
Omg welcome to the fandom!!! Who's your favorite member so far?
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