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As of today the small team of Sadistic Harmony will be creating a Vingle exclusive Marvel Fan Universe. This will include comics, games, and eventually prizes so stay tuned and follow the collection for info. You'll be seeing a line of new characters along with many of your existing favorites. Very shortly into the series you'll be seeing Deadpool, Spidey, and Venom getting in on the action. Exciting stuff right?
Let's get started on Introducing some of the new heroes. First off we have Wolf a young man in his early 20's. He has no known powers but has an overwhelming sense of justice and duty to protect the innocent. With grappling claw web shooters he fight crime like the hero who inspired him. Armed with tools and skills passed along to him by his fallen master he is a hero any vilian should fear.
Introducing for the first time anywhere, Alchemy! Her age is unknown, though she looks between 19-24. She has the ability to read minds, conjure anything you can think of, fireballs, she can teleportation and summon a dragon from the Lost Realm (a place similar to hell). She was adopted by a scientist, but given over to the leader of secret organization, she grew up with the director and then became his assitant after years of training to control her odd gifts. To the world she is simply Shanelin Reiko. To the underworld she is Alchemy, a rogue hero trying to defend the moronic citizens. One day, an unexpected guest crashes into her life, sending her on a whirlwind adventure.
Me and @SamTheMallow (who is currently away until Sunday) have already thought up the first issue and will be creating it shortly. We even asked @BeannachtOraibh to join the fun as out color specialist to clean up the images (sense I'm using my phone they can be a little sloppy) and to fill them with vibrant color xD
Can't wait to hear more of your story @MichaelOgg! Talent is a beautiful thing.
First contest for the Sadistic Harmony Team xD http://www.vingle.net/posts/1383114?shsrc=v
Already strarting the fun cards associated with the comics XP
man this is gonna be cool!!!
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