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Tae decided after that night that he was going to stay with me. At first I was a little worried but by the second night I was comfortable. When I woke up he was there. If he had to leave he'd ask me to go with him. The first thing he had me do with him was grocery shopping. Then to go on a little date which was just running to the park. After the third day he made me go back to work. So he'd walk me to work everyday and pick me up. I loved seeing him everyday and it was like we were together. Although we never discussed us further than friends that would go out on dates. One day he came to my work with a few of the guys he was with the first time I saw him. I brought over there drinks and Tae introduced me to them. After they finished hanging out all the guys left as I was cleaning off there table. "Hey (y/n) I was wondering if you'd be ok walking home tonight by yourself?" I turned to Tae "Yea I can Taetae I'm a big girl." I smiled "Ok I might be late getting back to your place." "Ok I'll leave it unlocked ok." "No you can lock it just put a key under the plant by your door." I smiled that was going to be the first place anyone would look for a key but I'd put it there anyway. "Ok but I'll put it in the plant not under." "Alright." "TAEHYUNG LET'S GO" Suga said. "Ok I'll see you later." He hugged me and ran out the door. I smiled and waited till he was out of sight. "So you love taehyung don't you?" I turned towards my coworker. "No....we are just good friends....." "That's not what it looks like..." "What do you mean?" "I'm not sure about him but you I know your in love with him. Your mood changes when he's around. You get happy when he picks you up and even when he showed up today you became happier than normal. Then he leaves and your now a little sad." "I didnt think I was that obvious. Don't tell him." "Ha see you can't hide it from me but I won't tell him since I don't know him. That's all on you. When your ready you should tell him how you feel expecially before it's too late." "Are there other girls going for him?" "Probably I mean look at him. He's hot. I want to go for him." I looked at her and was bout to say something. "Don't worry I won't go for him." She smiled. "You can go home now since we are slow I can handle the store for the next hour." "You sure?" " Yea I'm sure you got some thinking to do and you might be able to catch him." "Thanks!" I said and clocked off then ran out the door. I ran the way that I saw them walk. It had been a few minutes they couldn't have gotten far. Unless they got in a car. ME: Hey how far are you? Taetae: Why? ME: I got off early Taetae: Oh damn I'm in a car with the guys so not close. Sorry. ME: Awe that's fine...I have something to tell you when you come back to my place. Taetae: ok! I had decided to just tell him how I felt. If he didn't like me that way I would stop these feelings and stick to being friends. I got home and took a shower. Once I was done I walked into my room and pulled up my computer. There was a new article. I pulled it up. 'New k pop boy group bangtan seonyondan (bts) debuting.' Hmm that's odd there's no pictures of the boys. Normally they show what they look like. I closed it and scrolled through Instagram and facebook. After getting lost for an hour I finally shut my computer and went to the kitchen to eat. I finally sat on the couch and was watching tv. I sat there till 10. He really was coming back late. I was getting impatient. I don't know when I fell asleep but when I woke up it was sunny out and I was in my bed. There was not taehyung. I got up it was 9am I ran to the kitchen. There was a note. 'I had to leave early this morning I'm so sorry I can't walk you to work today. I'll try to be back early tonight.-Taetae' This sucked. I went and got ready for work and started walking. I took my iPod and started my music. When I got to work my Co worker asked how it went. "I haven't seen him yet. He said he'll try to come over early tonight. As long as I don't chicken out I'll tell him tonight." "Oh good. I thought he turned you down because you seem upset today." "Ha yea I am since he left me a note this morning saying he had to leave early." "Wait you live together?" "No he's just been staying with me because of how hard I took it with my grandpa passing." "And that's the only reason? You really believe that?" "I don't know." Thankfully a bunch of customers came in and we had to stop talking. The day went by fast. I got home to no one once again. This started to be a reoccurring thing. For the next week I didn't see tae. I just got texts and notes from him. I lost all of my confidence in telling him my feelings. That was until I actually saw him. My one day off he had come to my house to grab his clothes that he had left. I ran to him and hugged him. I really did miss him. "Ha hi (y/n)" He said hugging me back "I missed you!" "Sorry I've been busy. How is everything going" He said pulling away and walking over to his bag of clothes. "Oh you know fine." I looked down. Now was the time to tell him. "Tae..." He cut me off "That's good. So I'm going to be going back to my place... I won't have much time to stop by and see you..." My heart broke....he was leaving my place....I knew it had to happen at some point I just didn't think it be this soon. "Oh" was all I said "I'll talk to you as much as I can but I'm really going to be busy." He finished grabbing his things. He walked over to me. I couldn't look at him. I was trying to stop the tears from coming. I had to say something. "Ok thanks for staying with me..." I looked up and smiled at him and he gave me a hug and kissed the top of my head. He started to walk towards the door. "I'll see you later ok." He said "Ok... bye." I followed him to the door and right before I shut it behind him I had to say something and I don't know why it came out. "I'm sorry for being a burden to you." Before he could say anything I shut the door and locked it. I leaned up against the door and fell to the ground. This is what happens. I start to fall and they leave before I can tell them. I started crying. I picked myself up off the ground and went into the living room and smacked the table lamp and sent it flying. It shattered against the wall. I then started to break anything that was in my reach. I was breaking down. I should have known better. Why did I not stop myself. I knew he didn't care about me or at least I had a feeling he didn't like me the way I liked him he was just being nice. After I had destroyed the living room I went into my room. I cried into my pillow. After what felt like hours I stopped crying. I grabbed some tissues and cleaned my face. That's when I saw our pictures from our first date. I pulled them out and looked at them. I shouldn't have kissed him that night....he wouldn't have kissed me in these pictures....I was going to tear them up but something stopped me. I put it back and shut the drawer. Maybe I'll get over him and we can be friends if he texts me still. I grabbed my phone to see if i had any messages and thats when I saw a text from tae. I didn't look at it. I just powered off my phone and decided to go to sleep. I'd go to work my normal time and get back on track with how my life was before tae.
Did I hit you guys in the feels? I hope I didn't kill anyone. Don't worry this is not the last chapter.
my feels, my heart😭😭💔 this is a really good story👍 tag me in the next story
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My heart is officially broken
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