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Random Sexy Edition Screenshot Game

The game was started by @prettieeemm and can be found at http://www.vingle.net/posts/1380714?shsrc=v
3 pics or gifs I found.
What a little cutie. I've been watching this kid grow up and he has done a very good job doing so (!!), not to mention what a good little actor he is. He personally saved To the Beautiful You for me cuz geez, that was a painful watch.
Here are some things you guys need to check out if you haven't - Northern Limit Line, Secretly Greatly, and the drama Equator Man.
I loved him in To the Beautiful You, plus he's the one that gave me Second Male Lead syndrome 😂😂
literally just watched To the beautiful you and then realized he was in the technicians which i watched when it first came out and then started watching moorim school and now i started secretly greatly because im dying! he is such a great actor. i wish i had found him sooner!
Secretly Greatly broke my heart into a thousand pieces.. he's so adorable
I first saw him in To the beautiful you, and then I watched The Return of IIjimae and saw he was the kid he was so adorable in that show..I haven't seen Northern limit line or Equator man, I'll have to check those out.
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