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Vogue cropped Kim Kardashian– who scored a last-minute invite to the A-List event thanks to her baby daddy – out of a photo she posed for with West, which the mag posted on its website. But don't go reciting "The Devil Wears Prada" just yet. To be fair, Vogue was listing its picks for the night’s best-dressed guests, and while West made the cut, that doesn't mean his better half would automatically be included. Really, what other choice did the fashion bible have but to do a little Photoshopping? Wintour did, however, allow Kardashian's presence to be documented on Vogue’s website, just under the standard red carpet arrivals gallery. cr:yomg
*spit water*
@MuhammadDavid I can't agree more! and Anna Wintour knows best not to put her up.. although she has a tiny mention
it has always been known that Anna Wintour extremely dislike Kim Kardashian..
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA kardashian...she seriously needs to lay low!
it will be a shame for Vogue to put her on the list...
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