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Totally forgot to do this! My bad! So the Bulletproof TeamTeam's challenge this week was to post a card with 15 random facts about you, the Who Am I? Challenge

1) I hate spoons

Random right off the bat. I hate them. I will use a fork for everything except soup, cereal, and ice cream. Maybe I'm a bit of a predator and enjoy stabbing my food haha!

2) I practice martial arts

I started tang soo do about a year and 8 months ago. It's a seriously great way to get in shape and also feel bad ass.

3) I have a natural talent for martial arts

The main instructor has told me that if I could be pushed just a little and have more strict instruction; that I'd be farther ahead than most people my rank. Basically, it's worth his time to give me more attention and work with me because I have a lot of potential. Yay the one thing I'm good at XD

4) I'm in a love/hate relationship with my eyes

I have almond shaped eyes which are really lucky apparently because most any make up style will look good but I also have naturally relaxed eyes and slightly upturned corners which causes them to also be pretty closed which makes me look high. Often. I also get a wicked eye smile where people question whether I can honestly see. Like Taeyang eye smile. But I love the color they are. Love/hate I tell ya.

5) I have a thick Minnesotan accent

Think Canadian. I basically sound like that. I also live in a place where we are like Canadians in our behavior. This video is hilarious and a great explanation lol good song too

6) I'm afraid of the woods

I like in the Northland of the US. We have a stupid amount of wild life. Little birds are great but in the woods we have wolves, bears, moose, and mountain lions occasionally. And you will run into them if you go in the woods

7) Of all the animals I listed, moose scare me the most

Unpredictable and huge; no thank you. There's ways to kinda defend against a bear attack like curling up in a ball and you make yourself tall for cougars... ain't shit you can do about a moose.

8) I have stress dreams. A LOT.

I have extremely stressful dreams which is how I know how stressed out I really am. If the room is cool and I wake up drenched in sweat then something is definitely stressing me; which is pretty much always

9) Resting bitch face is my curse; something I connect with Suga and Yibo on a spiritual level over

I have serious resting bitch face that paired with my unintentional intimidating aura people avoid me. Typical conversations; "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine." "Are you sure." "Yes." "Because you look mad." "I'm gonna be pretty soon!"

10) I dislike socializing but I'm amazing at it

I can work a room so well and I can make pleasant conversation, not just small talk, with just about anyone. This has made people naturally trustworthy of me even if they've only known me for a night. I should be an info broker haha

11) I hate fruit flies with a burning passion

Fruit flies are only on this world to piss me off! The moment I see one I freak out and immediately look for the source. If I find a lot, I cry.

12) I'm afraid of the dark

It's so not as bad as before but I don't know which I hated more just a little light so you can barely see but there's shadows everywhere letting your eyes trick you or no light at all.

13) I'm afraid of stairs

Those stress dreams I mentioned? Most of them are me climbing down a flight of stairs clinging to the rail for dear life...or getting shot. Don't even get me started on escalators

14) I was on the economics team in high school and was really good

We had a team of 9 top of my class members and I had the highest scores. But when it came to the competition which ended up being online only 3 people including myself showed up.

15) I have a strong sense of smell

Bad eyesight, bad hearing (unless you're saying something rude then for some reason I'll hear that lol), but awesome sense of smell. Which is a curse, I will shampoo my carpets and clean if there is a bad smell, usually one only I smell, and will cry if it won't go away.
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You must hate big malls
@MadAndrea ahahaahahah
@sugakookie It's mostly only if they're super steep and in my dreams it's just ridiculous but escalators always freak me out. I've fallen down a lot of stairs in my life that I don't like them lol. Plus the high school I went to had 4 floors and a shit ton stairs so I fell down those quite a few times -_-
@MadAndrea im only scared of escalators because of heights
Ahhhhhh I see. I hope you don't fall anytime soon