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Hello everyone! I don't even know what to say except that it's a little tough writing this because it's so cringe worthy, but @marshalledgar and @AlloBaber would like to know my crush story so here we go. WARNING: This might get lengthy.
Alright so this story dates back to more than 4 years ago when I was a freshman in high school. I had decided to dye the bottom half of my hair magenta and wear more punk clothes since I was free to wear whatever I wanted as long as I followed dress code. So I decided to go for "Punk meets Cool" high school debut lol. I was still trying to get accustomed to going long distances to reach classrooms, but specially lunch time. Lunch was split in two with half of the school going to first lunch and the other to the second. Since it was packed I tried getting to the cafeteria as soon as possible every day. I honestly don't remember when, but on my way to lunch one day I saw him.
For the sake of not using his real name let's substitute his name for a fictional character's name; I'll be borrowing Kyoya Hibari's name. (because I looked at my drawings on my wall and the first one I saw was one of him so...) Black hair, eyes not as sharp, he was also a lot taller than me...
As time went by I kind of fell for how handsome he was...and oh and behold I had a crush on him. Weeks passed and of course, I was not going to make a move because to me it didn't really matter. I could think a guy was attractive without having to approach him, right? But Kyoya was indeed a presence my eyes never failed to notice. Waiting in line for about fifteen minutes gets extremely boring, so what do I do? start drawing.
I drew a crap ton of anime characters every day and sometimes even colored them in. Nothing has really changed since then. I usually kept these drawings as close to my chest as possible so that I could see the detail better, to keep other people from seeing, and to prevent people from making me mess up. This is where things start turning weird. So I start seeing Kyoya everywhere: before class started, in between classes, during lunch, before going home...our buses were literally next to each other . One day I was waiting in the lunch line and I take out my sketchbook and start to work on a drawing I had yet to finish. Out of the nowhere I hear someone behind me say "Nice drawing". Confused, I looked up and did not see anyone particularly facing my direction so I just ignored it. My friend at the time was waiting with me at the line, but she also wasn't paying attention so I disregarded it since it was common for someone to call me out for my drawings. Anyway, I continued to draw until I suddenly felt a presence tower behind me. It wasn't rare since the lunch lines would get packed, so I naturally brought my drawing closer to myself so it wouldn't get crushed if I were to get pushed or something. And then it happened; whoever was behind me was extremely close. How close? I could literally feel this person's breathing on the back of my neck!
I tried moving forward, but this individual was persistent and kept holding over me. As impossible as it sounded I could only try to ignore it at this point, and after about two whole minutes it was my turn to go and get lunch and so I did. So skipping to when I got to the lunch table my sister and a couple of friends sat in, the friend who was with me at the line said "Hannah, did you know that there was a really tall Asian dude with green eyes staring at you drawing?" And I swear to god I froze as soon as she said it. I had previously told my sister about my one sided crush so she looked at me like "WHOA, could it be?" and I was literally screaming inside. So the next day, my sister got extremely curious and decided to go with me to see who exactly Kyoya was. Take in mind that at the time I did not know Kyoya's name or anything about him. I'm not sure if it was pure misfortune but all three of us get called to enter the same line to get food; he went first and we casually walked along. We got our food and for my school we have to input our student number and get called by our name and the lunch ladies would record what we got. So the lunch lady calls out "Kyoya Hibari" and my sister's face turned into the biggest grin I had ever seen. It was the beginning and an end; I now knew his name, but worse than that: my sister knew his name. Long story short: she added him ON FACEBOOK! How goddamn embarrassing.
Another time that something and happened that embarrassed every cell in my body was when I went with a male friend (let's call him Dan) whose curiosity began to take the best of him. So he went to the lunch line with me one day and I got called, but he and Kyoya stay behind RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. I could literally feel the sweat forming on my forehead because I knew Dan would probably say something that would make me want to never come back to school. As Dan watches me go first he yells out "HANNAH!" and waves. Kyoya turned to him and then to me and I felt the heart attack coming. My life was over as I knew it! I just pretended to be cool on the outside, but I was ready to die on the inside.
I know that I wouldn't act this way now, but I was 13 and I didn't know any better OK? I was too young and I had never (and still have) shown much interest in "relationships or dating" ordeal that everyone was so excited about. Till this day I have been traumatized by just the sound of his name I get like the worst chill on my neck. The damage has been done.
BONUS: Last year around spring semester (this is college I'm taking about) I was hanging out with my sister and friend at the cafeteria because our classes got cancelled and everything was fine and well until I friggin see Kyoya walking towards the cafeteria. I go to a community college by the way, and I thought that since he graduated within the top 100 he would be going to a university, but NOPE. I frigging put my head down until he left! So I refuse to say Kyoya Hibari's name because I am literally afraid to invoke him. (obviously the real deal)
Sorry this was LONG, but hopefully someone found it funny...
This story is SO GOOD. haha especially about the part where you reflecting on your reactions as a young-in. hahah so cute! I did some pretty weird things when I was younger too!
Hahahahahaha OH MY GODDD I know what exact feeling @SeoInHan!!! That's an incredible story XDDD Something so similar happened to me when I was in middle school... but seriously, in no way as dramatic and amazing as yours. I don't know if it was just the name and art you used, but it sooo sounds like something straight out of an anime!! XD I bet this Kyoya fellow was totally secretly intrigued by you, though :P I love the sound of that Punk meets Cool look lol I bet he did too!!
@sophiamor oh my god no! just remembering this makes my stomach hurt lol
but also i genuinely miss the nerves i'd get seeing my crush everywhere around school hahahah it seems like he thought you were super interesting ahhhhhhhhhh
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