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I believe my standards are high now, thank you biases lol. It's in a good way though I swear! I wish we had guys that act like our biases meaning when it comes to girls. I LOVE how cheesy awkward and adorably shy they are when they are around girls they like. Also I love how they show their emotions they show their jealousy, love, and appreciation they are just so blunt about it like 'I don't want you looking at no other guy but me!' type of thing it's just omo~ lol from watching the K-dramas and variety shows such as 'We Got Married' AISHH~ it makes me a little jealous lol
Cute and shy moments like this is what I'm talking about lol just how adorable they are I've never seem guys act this way ONLY idols act this way I hope you get what I'm trying to say with these videos lol