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Traflagar D Law. He ate the Ope Ope fruit when Corazan basically forced him to to save him from the white disease. Law has fought hard his whole life and been handed the short end of the stick yet stayed loyal and strong, never straying from the path of good. He saved Luffy after the War of the Best for absolutely no reason, being another member of the Supernovas from the "worst generation". Law formed an alliance with Luffy and the Straw Hats on Punk Hazard, saving the children that had been drugged for weeks/months. Law is an amazing character and very important to the One Piece world. Who's your favorite character from One Piece and why??
the easy answer is luffy but take him out the equation and I'd say Mr 2 bon clay he was hilarious or ACE be cause he fu--ING ACE nuff said
Well, obviously it's Luffy!! The way he trusts his friends/crew and is willing to put his life on the line for others.
Luffy. why? cuz he's just that nigga
Luffy because if you got any problems he'll give you a helping hand but if you piss him off just run
number 1 luffy, true meaning of being a nakama.
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