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I haven't had beef or pork for the past 7 years.
While many would miss steak or ribs, one of the things I miss the most are Big Macs. I loved the sandwich.. the mesh of the beef with the big mac sauce was amazing.
While I can't have the Big Mac, McDonalds has decided to package up the secret sauce and sell it in bulk to fans. Hooray!
McDonald’s Australia announced last week that they would be selling Big Mac Special Sauce by the bottle.
While last year’s Special Sauce extravaganza was limited only to the 200 bottles McDonald’s had put up for bid on eBay, this year the company is giving it a wider release, producing 4,000 bottles and selling them for $4.95 a pop in select stores throughout Australia.
Isn't this amazing?? I will def bid on Ebay to get a bottle or two, what about you?
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Hahahahaha. I keep coming upon you making dirtier and dirtier jokes, sir... and this time, no one to blame but yourself!!!! (But actually... keep 'em coming. I'd miss them if they disappeared.) @Danse You're a culinary genius, my friend. Your edition of the secret sauce (which I can't now say without feeling a little dirty inside...) sounds delicious.
@AlloBaber I assure you there is not one dirty thing related to my secret sauce. *smirk* And it is indeed shamelessly delicious and fulfilling. Ahem.
@AlloBaber See.... @Danse is worse than me
*feigns innocence* :D