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Parts: all found on card one

WARNING: Mature, gang related content

Youngjae comes in about three or four times every day. He talks to me for like 15 minutes while Yongguk takes a break; even uses my name now. I have no clue why he is becoming so familiar with me when I'm his hostage. Why wouldn't he just send someone else in to watch me for a few minutes? He is the boss here, how much time can he really have to be wasting it talking to me? Although, I do somewhat appreciate the conversation. Yongguk doesn't talk much so it's deafening silence most the time.

He told me my brother hasn't responded, that they've sent him pictures of the way I look. It's been 2 days, so they sent video of the beating hoping he'd think it was new and not from before. But he still hasn't responded. It's true what he told me, Youngjae doesn't want to cause me anymore harm.
"I don't know what I'm going to do." Youngjae is sitting on the edge of the bed with his head resting in his hands. "He needs to leave. He's going to draw attention to this area. He doesn't know how to go about keeping things confidential and on the down low. If he gets found by the police, they're likely to find my operation. And I seriously want to get you out of here too, I want you to be safe."

"What does he do, what are these 'business practices' that he is in charge of?" I ask this every time he brings Himchan up, but he tells me he won't tell me what this is about.

"Please stop asking that Seunghye. You know I won't tell you, it's simply not my place. As much as I'd like you to know who Himchan really is and what he does; he will have to answer those questions himself if, no, when he gets you."

"I see. I'll stop asking then."

"I'm sorry, I guess that seems selfish, but to me that's one more way to make him think about what he's doing and why it's wrong. He'll have to look his baby sister in the eyes and tell her all the dirty details."

"I understand. Can I ask you something else?"


"How did you get me here? The last thing I remember was leaving a bar with a man I met there. He was walking me to my car and I can't remember anything after that."

"Oh. Right, I suppose you would like to know that. That was Daehyun. I told him to find you, buy you a drink, and drug you so you would pass out on the way to your car. Then I had him bring you here. Because my intention wasn't to torture you, I wanted all of this to happen while you weren't conscious so you wouldn't suffer as much mentally. Also physically. If a body is limp and relaxed, it's harder to get seriously injured. That was my plan; but unfortunately you woke up when they were beating you. You were in such a daze though that thankfully you don't remember it."

"How do you know I woke up?"

"I watched the video of it. You were screaming and crying out, but you were knocked unconscious again. That's why you couldn't speak that day, your throat was too sore. It made my stomach turn watching it. I think if I'd have been there I wouldn't have been able to keep myself from stopping them." His head drops forward as he thinks. "But that's exactly why I wasn't there. I can't manage to bring myself to be involved in those things. I'm the brains behind this place, not the brawn. I'm so sorry this happened; it's incredibly unfair to you and in no way do you deserve it."

He's visibly uncomfortable and shaken talking about this; does he really feel that guilty? He hasn't looked at me the whole time he's been explaining, I figure he's too ashamed.

"I'm not going to say it's all okay or that I don't blame you. But I will take note of your feelings, I believe that you actually feel apologetic and I appreciate that sincerity." That's honestly how I feel. He's wrong, but at least he feels terrible for it.

"Thank you, that's far more than I can ask for. Well, I need to get some work done. I'll let you know if I hear anything."

Before he leaves he pauses for a moment, and comes back over to me and leans down to look me in the eyes. He places his hand gently on my head and then brushes some hair out of my face. "Don't worry too much, okay? It'll drive you crazy if you keep thinking about it. Not good for your health."

He smiles at me, but it is much different than the first one I saw, that one was frightening, this one is caring. He turns, walks out, and Yongguk comes back in. I really don't understand how a guy like that can be doing what he does.
@CreeTheOtaku @drummergirl691 we will find out why himchan the brother is not responding.... in good time. God this is fun making y'all keep guessing XD
@axosrain @CreeTheOtaku @NadineEsquivel @YeseniaLira @CrystalGuerra @drummergirl691 @SusiBosshammer So by the way I totally space and for got to put in the screenshot of the rival kidnapper aka her brother but it's in there now! It only said his name once so you may not have caught it
@MadAndrea why you gotta torture me so ;^; but I'll wait
@drummergirl691 I won't because this is really fun to write! Like ideas swirling around my head; fun to write! So there shouldn't be toooo long a wait. Plus the parts are smaller than my other story so I can load em sooner
힘찬 오바! why you no respond! x)
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