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sooooo i found an account on Twitter that had just pictures of jungkook. it was nice and that inspired me to make some edits cuz there were some hella good pictures on that account
you can save these or whatever but if you repost or reblog or something like that please give me credit pls and thanks this is my "flower boy" edit because kookie looks fab with flower crowns
"baby it's cold outside" edit
this one is a little meh but oh well . i was debating wether to add the card suits or not because the quote is from their song house of cards
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Ahh, I'm not too sure, I've never made one!! I think the size is different and that's it?
You don't have to if its too much trouble!!!@sleepingyoongi please don't trouble yourself over it
no no i want to do them (⌒-⌒ ) i love making edits so i'm happy to do them @ninjamidori
Thank you ㅠㅠ I love you so much!!!! @sleepingyoongi
I love these!!! Thank you!!!!