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So I got TOP!!! Look at that sexy gaze 0~0
1) 3 Favorite pictures I really loved it when he had blue hair....granted Fantastic Baby was the first song I heard of them....which explains why I loved his hair and how they all looked!
2) What I find attractive? Well obviously his ability to be sexy without an inch of skin showing.... Yeah he may say that he doesn't think he is handsome but....I personally think he doesn't know the meaning of that word..... Top does something that pulls you in....that sexy aura that no one else will ever have.... IDK but..this is what I find attractive of him....apart from that deep ass voice of his ^~^
3) Have I ever heard of him and if so in what?? Obviously before finding him as an actor I found him in Big Bang but I have only seen four works of him... Tazza for example Also in the movie Nineteen...which was pretty amazing you know heh and that's where I found my bias in Big panda Seungri.... (although Dae is my current favorite) My favorite movie will have to be Commitment! He is so badass in this movie and it's refreshing seeing him working in another movie....the ending is so sad T~T His way of acting is a bit different....he always seems to go for those serious roles where he doesn't talk as much....not even with 19 did he talk much! I love him either ways!!!
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@ashleyemmert I know right heh!
@ARMYStarlight yo! Commitment was epic! I love that movie!
U got a good one
@PrettieeEmm I know Commitment is such an awesome movie I dont think I will ever get tired of it!!
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