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Was tagged and now I have time to do it!!! Also look forward to my Bts screenshot....idk when I will have time.....
Well excuse me Moon Jongup!! Bad aren't supposed to do this? Release me this instant.....
His fetus better not do anything funny!! I will tell Himchan!!
Oh.....well you maknae how could you fail??? I am sure Jongup doesn't have heavy defenses.....
Dae....maybe he works for JongUp....that's why.... Or maybe its the snickers bar I have in my pocket??? We shall never know.....
Himchan?!?! Is it because of the fetus???? I am glad I didn't die.... someone save me from this place!!!
Thank you Bang!! You are my hero and please never leave me like that again!!! (If you could tell Bang is my first bias) *wraps arms around his waist* Thank you so much!!!
fetus!?!? omg why didn't I think of that? hahahaha so funny. Yongguk seems to be very heroic these days. he saved others in this game. haha
@axosrain heh thanks and he really is heroic